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Stitchers failed to deliver on its promises & disappointed the superfan in me

Many people had high hopes for the new season of Stitchers. The show’s executives made some changes to the structure of the show, the cast was excited again, and the script got reworked. All signs pointed to a new and improved show, so when the premiere of Stitchers “2.0” fell flat, I was definitely disappointed.

The show did have some highlights — especially the gadgets. There was a new toy or a great special effect in every scene, which made the visuals of the show really entertaining. What I wished they had focused a little more on was the plot of the show. Many scenes ran through minutes of dialogue, and it left me wondering what they were actually talking about.

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At one point during the premiere, I had to go back and re-watch a scene where they were given instructions because I couldn’t follow a single thing they were saying.

Full disclosure: The futuristic action genre is not at the top of my favorites list. I do have some that I think are phenomenal (Fringe, for example, did a great job), but maybe I was hoping for a little bit more character development and plot from Stitchers than they were planning to give. I was promised a love story between the two main characters, and that wasn’t developed either.

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The two flirted and fought through a few moments of awkward tension during the premiere, but I couldn’t figure out whether we, as the audience, were supposed to want them to be together, or if the show was just trying to create a love story where they didn’t need one.

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Only time will tell if the new version of Stitchers will be better than the last. They have some promise if they move their focus away from the gadgets and the complicated explanations and try to develop a solid plot and characters we can all fall in love with.

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