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Jenelle Evans makes claims about Nathan Griffith’s disinterest in their son

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans’ life is complicated, to say the least, and during a recent interview, she addressed some of the issues in her life, including the bitter custody battles for both of her sons and her explanation for her ex, Nathan Griffith’s behavior.

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Evans first told People magazine of how much her son, Jace, would like to live with her (her mother Barbara currently has full custody of him).

“Jace recently asked me: ‘When can I live with you again?’,” she told the publication. “I said: ‘Well, hopefully by the summer you’ll be living here.’ But that’s all I told him – I don’t want him to know too much right now ’cause it’s really detrimental.”

Evans and her mother will appear in court in May to hash out Jace’s custody, and at the moment, there is a lot of tension between the two women.

“We really don’t talk other than if it’s about Jace, because if we are around each other too much, we start arguing,” Evans said.

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But her mother is not the only person who Evans is not getting along with right now. She also opened up about her legal battle with ex-fiancé Nathan Griffith and how they are butting heads over custody of their toddler son, Kaiser.

Evans claims that Griffith is not making the case about Kaiser, and what it may really be about is her new boyfriend, David Eason.

“I think he’s really jealous of David,” Evans said. “He’s claiming I’m letting Kaiser called David ‘Dada,’ but Kaiser knows David by ‘David’ — I would never do that to Kaiser, and I would never do that to Nathan because that’s unfair.”

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But that’s not the only claim Evans made about Griffith. She also feels he is disinterested in their son and possibly not over her.

“Every time we talk, he doesn’t even really ask about Kaiser,” Evans said of Griffith. “He just asks how I’m doing and what I’m up to lately… I don’t think he is sure of his current relationship, or he hasn’t let go [of me] yet.”

That’s quite the claim.

But the entire custody disagreement has become even more complicated by the fact that Evans and Griffith’s new girlfriend, Jessica Henry, are at war with each other — you may remember an earlier assault incident.

Evans spoke about the incident, which she claims allegedly came about because she attempted to throw water at Henry, but the glass slipped from her hand, hitting her on the head. She claims Henry then picked it up and hurled it back at her, but Henry denies the latter. However, Evans believes the truth will finally come out when they take the stand to testify.

It’s evident that this custody battle is, unfortunately, not going to go away quietly or quickly.

Do you think Jenelle Evans is unfair to say her ex Nathan Griffith is not interested in their son and that it’s more about her? Or is she just calling it like it is? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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