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Kesha thinks her Dr. Luke situation is akin to slavery

Don’t count Kesha out of the fight. Even though a court ruled against her, she has already begun the appeals process to get out of her contract with Sony. Included in the appeal is a claim that making her work with Sony and Dr. Luke is the same as slavery.

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The appeal, which was filed earlier today, says, “First, the Court erred in basing its decision on its finding that Kesha could record without interference from Gottwald. Although it recognized that ‘slavery was done away with a long time ago’ and that ‘[y]ou can’t force someone to work… in a situation in which they don’t want to work,’ the Court’s ruling requiring Kesha to work for Gottwald’s companies, purportedly without his involvement, does just that. As the Court itself recognized, ‘[i]t’s slavery. You can’t do that.'”

That’s a lot of legal talk to say making Kesha work with someone who harms her in any way after she has repeatedly said she doesn’t want to is slavery. And I’m not entirely sure she’s out of line here.

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The singer’s appeal also explains that preventing her from releasing music is causing irreparable damage to her career, citing industry experts who all claim a pop star’s fame is fleeting and timely.

If you take a look at Twitter (and the reaction to Kesha’s latest Snapchat), it seems like she’s still got a legion of fans behind her waiting for her to succeed, but that isn’t the point. The major issue is why the court system, or Sony for that matter, is forcing the two to work together. I know there are contracts and legal precedents that have to be considered, but is money really so important that we’re willing to force someone to work with another person who has caused this much damage to them?

Even if the allegations aren’t proven true, what does Sony possibly think will come from forcing Kesha to work with Dr. Luke? I’m guessing no Kesha fan is going to purchase or support an album they know was made against her will. Surely it’s not good business to put out an album no one wants to buy.

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Hopefully the court will agree with this appeal and Kesha will be able to create the music she wants, how she wants. Until then, all we can do is continue to support her.

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