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The Voice viewers get hypocritical after Pharrell’s tactical move

Christina Aguilera’s return to The Voice has been controversial, to say the least. A lot of people think the show was better off with Gwen Stefani, and still others feel that Shakira was the best female coach of all. Every decision Aguilera has made this season has been met with resistance from viewers, who claim that she is incompetent and jealous of Stefani.

Brian The Voice
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Last week, Aguilera angered a lot of people by choosing the weaker singer. While all the other coaches seemed to think that Chelsea Gann was the better musician, Aguilera ultimately opted for the larger-than-life Kata Hay. Viewers clearly disapproved of this decision, which admittedly seemed to show questionable judgment on Aguilera’s part. Yet, when Pharrell did basically the same thing this week, people viewed it as a clever tactical maneuver.

The Voice's Abby
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Admittedly, this week’s situation was a bit different. The battle featured the talented Abby Celso and Brian Nhira, who were asked to sing Maroon 5’s “Sugar” right in front of Adam Levine. The coaches all seemed to think that Nhira gave the better performance, although they were also quick to compliment Celso. Pharrell was happy with both performances, but in a surprise move, he opted for Celso. According to fans, this was all planned — apparently, Pharrell knew that somebody was destined to choose Nhira and he mainly wanted both of his artists to remain on the show. Viewers were very impressed with this strategy, as they made quite clear on Twitter.

While it’s great that Pharrell’s favorites both get to stick around on The Voice, it’s hard to say if this really was his ultimate goal. Perhaps he simply thought that Celso had more potential. On the other hand, perhaps Aguilera was using the exact same tactic last week when she chose Hay — it just didn’t work out in her favor, for, while the other judges were very complimentary of Gann’s performance, they for some reason decided to let her go home. Yes, Pharrell made it clear he wanted Nhira to remain on the show, but that doesn’t mean that Aguilera wasn’t hoping for Gann to be saved as well.

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Aguilera doesn’t always make smart choices, but neither does Pharrell. Viewers blindly bash Aguilera and heap endless praise upon Pharrell, even when their decisions are similar. That being said, it’s definitely good news that both Celso and Nhira get to move on in the competition!

What did you think of Pharrell’s decision? Comment and share your opinion below.

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