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Christina Aguilera’s reportedly using Miranda Lambert to upset Blake Shelton

There’s a competition brewing on The Voice, and none of it has to do with the contestants. Christina Aguilera is reportedly trying to compete with Gwen Stefani for most attention on the show and she’s doing it by bringing in Blake Shelton’s ex, Miranda Lambert.

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Fans of the show might know about the tension between Aguilera and Stefani. Aguilera has reportedly had some issues not being the favorite female on the show and took this opportunity to make a comeback in a major way. Insiders say that she’s begun reaching out to Lambert to strike up a friendship to hopefully duet on the new season of The Voice.

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Stefani took Aguilera’s spot as the only female judge and really hit it off with fans — and Shelton. It doesn’t hurt that the couple flirts like crazy on the show. But my guess is that would probably stop as soon as Lambert showed up.

I personally think if the plan actually works, Aguilera should suggest they make it a group effort.

For a while, Shelton and Lambert tried to remain friends, at least to the public. They’ve tweeted a few funny exchanges since announcing their divorce, but that’s all stopped since Stefani entered the picture. Aguilera seems to be using the awkward tension to her advantage to really make a big splash for her newest season on The Voice. It might not be the friendliest strategy, but it will definitely guarantee viewers.

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It seems like there wouldn’t really be anything in it for Lambert, though. She has plenty of successful duets with everyone from Carrie Underwood to Little Big Town. Showing up on The Voice just to give Aguilera some higher ratings doesn’t seem like it’s worth her time. But then again, it’s Hollywood and you never know what celebrities will do next.

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