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Supergirl‘s latest romantic subplot finally takes forced story lines too far

The use of silly love triangles as a cheap device to further the plot on Supergirl needs to stop — but are the romantic plotlines being written in as a crutch because there’s no place else for the show to go?

Let’s take a look at just how many we’ve already had in Season 1.

First we had the James/Kara/Winn configuration. Kara likes James, James likes Kara, Winn likes Kara and freaks out when she doesn’t reciprocate. He was able to put his hurt feelings aside fairly quickly, but there’s still something lurking under the surface — and I’m pretty sure Supergirl‘s writers are gonna use it against Kara and turn Winn into a villain in the not-so-distant future.

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Then you have the Kara/James/Lucy debacle, which nearly forced James to out Kara and also turned Lucy into a Supergirl nemesis because of her jealousy over the quality time James spends with the superhero alter ego. Kara and Lucy made peace in tonight’s episode, but not until after Lucy tried to imprison Alex and dissect Hank.

There’s also Adam/Cat/Kara/James. While not a traditional love triangle, we’ll throw this one in there since it caused some major tension with Cat and Kara, and — let’s face it — Kara ultimately decided not to be with Adam because she has feelings for James.

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And in the briefest of the romantic subplots, Kara/Siobhan/James even had a go of it when Siobhan picked up on the imaginary vibes between Kara and James and desperately tried to make Kara jealous by feigning a move on James.

Still from Supergirl
Image: Darren Michaels/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

None of these relationship story lines felt natural and the actors who play the characters have no onscreen chemistry. Fans of the show have long been insulted by the cheap plot points. At this point, it really seems like Supergirl is using silly love triangles to further the plot and create new enemies for Kara/Supergirl to battle.

Is scorning a character really the only way to heighten tension in the Supergirl story?

And now, to add insult to injury, tonight’s episode featured a new romantic subplot between Winn and Siobhan. They commence dating, but things quickly go awry when Winn chooses to turn in Siobhan after he discovers she forged a hate email to Cat as Kara. This, of course, turns Siobhan into Silver Banshee, who will come back to battle Supergirl and Kara in next week’s episode.

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Bottom line: It’s beyond disappointing that the best way the show can conjure up a threat to Kara/Supergirl is by creating enemies out of women who date the men that Kara has some kind of weird sexual tension with.

What do you think? Will the predictability of the forced romantic story lines finally catch up with Supergirl and threaten the future of the show?

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