Kate Nash was 'cornered and groped' by a man in her bathroom

Mar 21, 2016 at 3:18 p.m. ET

Singer Kate Nash has shared a very personal experience on Instagram in the hope that her words will raise awareness and prevent similar things happening to other women.

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The 28-year-old Londoner revealed that she was "cornered and groped" in her bathroom by a man she didn't know, which made her feel "extremely threatened."

"I'm sharing this information with you because women are encouraged to keep quiet, not take up space & hide when they get violated," Nash wrote. "We are scared to come forward because we don't want to cause trouble or a scene. We don't want to talk about heavy shit & make ppl feel uncomfortable.

"Women & girls are also mostly told they were asking for it & accused of making it up. So sometimes we think twice about coming forward, or we don't at all. I'm tired of feeling that way. Talking about these issues can a) help to prevent them in the future & b) make us feel stronger, more supported & safer."

The Foundations singer also posted a photo of herself from a recent photo shoot wearing shades and smoking a cigarette, "looking like a total & ridiculous G," because she doesn't like the "usual imagery associated with assault."

"We don't have to look like a victim to be one," Nash added. "I actually happen to be a badass bitch from hell, this shit can happen to anyone. Speak up & don't be discouraged."

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The artist later held a Livestream to talk to her fans about the alleged assault before thanking them for sharing their own stories and experiences.

Nash's fans applauded her for speaking about her ordeal.

"Thank you for being so brave and sharing publicly," commented one, while another said: "Thank you for not letting this stop you from being the total badass b***h that you are! Love you!"

"I’m really sorry for that Kate, no women in the world should go through something like that... but it's really nice to see your strength and support for other girls!" posted another follower.

Do celebrity posts like Nash's make you feel more comfortable sharing your own experiences of assault and harassment? Let us know your thoughts below.

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