Lala Kent's crush on Tom Schwartz will make the Vanderpump Rules reunion so awkward

Mar 21, 2016 at 2:18 p.m. ET
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Monday's Vanderpump Rules reunion is going to be one thing, and one thing only: amazing. Of course, it's only part one of 465, as Bravo likes to milk these things, but still. Superfans of the show will no doubt be treated to awkward explanations, arguments and, of course, the satisfaction of watching some cast members squirm in their seats when Andy Cohen calls them out on what we've been thinking all season. Again, amazing.

But, naturally, aside from the delight we viewers will derive from seeing Cohen (hopefully) put Scheana Shay in the hot seat for the way in which she sometimes handled her husband's addiction issues, things are also going to get awkward. Real awkward. Especially between Lala Kent and Katie Maloney.

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As any VPR fan knows, Maloney and Kent weren't the best of friends this season. When the gang all went on vacation to Hawaii, Maloney wasn't happy with Kent when she found out that she swam topless in front her fiancé, Tom Schwartz. The fact that Maloney was so angry at Kent was a little ridiculous, being that A) It was Kent's vacation, too (YOLO); and B) she wasn't the only one who ditched her top when going for a swim. Sur server Faith Stowers swam topless as well, but Maloney seemed to be fine with that.

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But! Things took a super awkward turn when Kent and James Kennedy appeared on the Vanderpump Rules After Show and Kent admitted that she has a major crush on Schwartz. Was that really necessary?

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During the show, Kent was asked who she thought would be the best in bed and, without hesitation, she held up a card with a picture of Tom Schwartz on it and said, "I have the biggest crush on him. How could you not?" Now, if Kent and Maloney didn't already have beef with each other, this might not have been that big a deal — though, still, for the record, not necessary. But, the fact that the two already had issues probably made for one pissed-off Maloney. And, no doubt, the two will get into it at some point during the reunion.

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Most of the women had issues with Kent from the start, for no reason at all. They just didn't like her vibe, which was a little ridiculous and very immature. But after a comment like this, Maloney's issues with Kent seem somewhat warranted. Hearing that someone finds your fiancé attractive is one thing; hearing someone say they think he'd be great in bed — on TV — is quite another.

If there's one thing Andy Cohen is incredible at, it's bringing up — and sometimes pushing — the really uncomfy stuff to cast members after a show has wrapped. So, it's basically expected that he'll touch upon this subject, and things will get ugly between the two.

Hopefully, the girls will be able to find some sort of reconciliation for what started out as a ridiculous fight. Because if they don't, Kent certainly isn't scoring an invite to Maloney and Schwartz's wedding. Though, if she doesn't, she can always pull a Kristen Doute and just crash.

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And here's the uncomfy video of Kent talking about Schwartz. #awkward

What are you expecting to see on the reunion?