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Fox’s The Passion Live presented Jesus in a new & different way

Fox’s The Passion Live took place at Woldenberg Park in New Orleans and was broadcast on Sunday night as a special Easter tribute. It was packed full of musical performances from greats like Seal (Pontius Pilate) and Trisha Yearwood (Mary). But there were also a few unexpected moments.

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The event focused on reinterpreting the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth as he presides over the Last Supper, his betrayal by Judas, and the trial and conviction by Pontius Pilate.

The story was set in modern times, but the show may have attempted to make the performances a little too hip and current with songs from Imagine Dragons and Katy Perry. There were also a few odd moments, like host and narrator Tyler Perry’s line about having a selfie with Jesus.

“If Jesus walked into this city today,” Perry wondered, “would we listen to Him, or just say, Hey, Jesus — can we get a selfie?”

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Plus those orange prison jumpsuits were a little out of place, and Yolanda Adams’ “Oh When The Saints Come Marching” performance felt a bit upbeat (although extremely memorable) for the subject matter.

However, on the whole, the event was respectful and moving. It included some incredible musical performances, most notably Chris Daughtry’s (Judas) rendition of Evanescence’s “Bring Me to Life” (which was incredibly emotional and sung with complete conviction), and Whitney Houston’s “Love Can Move Mountains” performed by Trisha Yearwood.

But what did viewers think of the event? According to Twitter, it was a complete success.

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In fact, the show has been such a hit among some that there is hope it will be the first of many Bible-inspired stories to come.

Did you enjoy The Passion Live? Or did you find it a tad too modern? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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