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Once Upon a Time‘s Rumple deserves Hades’ wrath

Well, Rumple just met his match on Once Upon a Time. If you thought the Dark One is the only one to go above and beyond to get what he wants, you’re wrong.

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As he’s proven in the past couple of episodes, Hades doesn’t like to be betrayed or have chaos in his Underworld. So, when Rumple tries to hide something from him, Hades is going to make sure Rumple knows how much he doesn’t like it.

Before I get to Hades unleashing his wrath on Rumple, let me back up a bit and explain how Rumple came to be in the line of Hades’ fire.

Sunday’s episode revolved around flashbacks between Rumple and Milah (who also showed up in the Underworld to help Rumple and Emma save Hook). When Baelfire was young, he got bitten by a snake, so Milah and Rumple went to a healer to find a cure. However, he wanted 100 gold coins for the cure, which they couldn’t afford. Milah came up with the solution for Rumple to go kill the healer and take the cure. However, Rumple couldn’t bring himself to do it (remember, this was before Rumple was the Dark One), so he made a deal with the healer.

Rumple signed a contract and promised the healer to hand over his second-born child for the cure. Obviously, Rumple was thinking he and Milah would never have another child, so it’s all fine. So much so, after turning into the Dark One, that Rumple went back to the healer and killed him. Problem solved — since the healer is dead, the contract is broken, right? Wrong.

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While in the Underworld and working with Emma and Milah to save Hook, Hades showed up to make a deal with Rumple. He told Rumple that he would send Rumple back to Storybrooke if he destroyed the boat that would take his friends out of the Underworld. Basically, Hades would wave his “manicured hand” and send Rumple back upstairs, and then deal with his friends himself.

Of course, Rumple jumped on the Hades bandwagon. Not only did he throw Milah into the river of lost souls, but he also destroyed the boat. If that isn’t bad enough, remember how Hades wanted Hook to choose three of his friends’ souls to tether to the Underworld? Well, he refused, but Hades took the liberty (or was it Rumple?) of selecting Emma, Snow and Regina. Yeah, so even though Emma saved Hook, she can no longer give him half her heart — as of right now.

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Now, here comes the part where Rumple met Hades’ wrath. He promised to still send Rumple home, but not until he completes a task for Hades. So, if Rumple doesn’t do what Hades is asking, what will happen? See, at the beginning of the episode, Rumple looked into a crystal ball and wanted it to show him the person he loved the most. He ended up seeing Belle, which makes sense, right?

It does, but as Hades pointed out, Rumple truly wanted the ball to show him his child, which it did. You ready for this? Belle is pregnant! Oh, and remember how Rumple thought he broke his deal with the healer? Well, he most definitely didn’t, because as Hades pointed out, death doesn’t nullify a contract — especially since the healer is in the Underworld and signed over the contract to Hades.

Yeah, Rumple’s past just came back to haunt him, because he now owes Hades a favor for hiding that crystal ball moment. If he doesn’t do what Hades wants, the king of the Underworld will take his baby. Hades also threw Rumple’s famous line back in his face and said, “All magic comes with a price, and now the price is you work for me.”

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Let’s all say it in unison: Poor Belle. Not only isn’t she aware that she is pregnant (yet), but her child is in major danger, all thanks to Rumple. Belle certainly doesn’t deserve any of this, but Rumple does. This is what he gets for betraying Emma and everyone else — not to mention making a stupid deal with the healer and lying to Belle about becoming the Dark One again.

When will Rumple ever learn to just tell the truth and do the right thing? He’s definitely found himself in another mess, so here’s hoping Rumple can keep Belle and their baby out of Hades’ way.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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