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8 times Samantha Bee has positively owned late-night (VIDEO)

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee has only been on the air for six weeks, but it’s already become an indispensable addition to late-night, as evidenced by these seven hard-hitting clips.

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You probably remember Samantha Bee as the longest-serving correspondent on The Daily Show, where she served up an extra-healthy dose of snark in hilarious interviews, field segments and various other The Daily Show bits. Well, her new show Full Frontal with Samantha Bee has proved that Bee is much more than just a supporting player and that she’s totally deserving of the kind of applause previously reserved for the boys-only club of late-night.

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Now that Bee is calling her own shots, she can direct her bite at more in-depth and pointed field segments, and she’s been positively fearless in doing so. She doesn’t do celebrity interviews on the show, choosing instead to focus solely on current events and news (similar to another successful The Daily Show ex-pat, John Oliver). Here are seven clips showing Bee eagerly tackling tricky subjects and kicking butt all over late-night.

1. Women-owned businesses

Bee may be tackling the subject of the incredibly low number of female-owned business with a flair of hilarity, but her deadpan humor makes this segment all the more sobering. There’s also something more poignant about watching a woman skewer the issue as opposed to someone like Jimmy Fallon or Stephen Colbert.

2. Syrian refugees

In classic The Daily Show style, Bee travels all the way to Jordan for this heartbreakingly satirical examination of the Syrian refugee crisis and the recent U.S. backlash against them.

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3. Abortion, Texas-style

Bee’s take on news about women’s issues is particularly effective, because she’s bringing a feminist perspective to subjects that affect other women big-time. And talk about important feminist issues! Bee’s take on Texas HB2 provides a fresh perspective on Texas’ newest abortion crackdown. When she calls Rep. Dan Flynn, one of the bill’s joint authors, a “uterus expert,” it’s as hilarious as his ignorance is infuriating.

4. Welcome Trump supporters

In a truly sick twist of humor (or masochism), Bee sacrifices her sanity to report on Trump supporters. But rather than just report on them, she invites a group of Trump’s faithful to a party and interviews them over appetizers — with a fact-checker at her side.

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5. Justice Scalia death

The fact that Justice Antonin Scalia’s death sent politicos into a panic may be old news, but Bee’s take on the GOP’s resulting stance is still totally on point.

6. Ted Cruz 101

I don’t know who sent Bee the video of a young Ted Cruz performing in The Crucible, but I am glad they did. What Bee does with the video clip had me laughing well into the night. Whether you support Cruz or not, he continues to be divisive — but Bee winds up making him hilarious.

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7. Job fair for future women

Bee trolls the U.S. job market with this tragicomic take on just how often women face harassment in their careers. Spoiler: It happens all the time.

8. Black History Month

Bee completely skewers the media and its prevalence of white privilege in this segment on Black History Month.

When you consider that this is just a handful of the hilarious, poignant and powerful clips Bee has managed to create in under two months, odds on Full Frontal continuing to hold its own against other late-night shows looks pretty good. Which is great for Bee, and great for women.

See what the fuss is all about and watch Full Frontal with Samantha Bee at 10:30/9:30c every Monday night on TBS.

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