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You can stay in Shoshanna from Girls‘ amazing Japanese apartment (PHOTOS)

If you’ve been watching the new series of Girls you’ll have seen Shoshanna’s amazing Tokyo apartment.  If your reaction to the mind-blowing brightly coloured building was something along the lines of, “why oh why can’t I stay somewhere as incredible as that,” well, here’s some good news.


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You can.

Thanks to Airbnb you can rent the unit, which goes by the awesome name of the “Reversible Destiny Loft” for a mere £96 per night. If you’re passing through Tokyo for six nights (that’s the minimum rental period), where else would you want to stay?

Shoshanna from Girls apartment
Image: Airbnb

The Reversible Destiny Loft isn’t just a wonderfully whimsical building; there’s a deeper meaning behind the bright colours and wacky style. According to Curbed the property, designed by architects Shusaku Arakawa and Madeline Gins, is “an example of procedural architecture, a philosophy that aims to force inhabitants to reconsider their routines and interactions.”

Shoshanna from Girls apartment
Image: Airbnb

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The purpose of the colourful interior is to draw attention to certain movements and tasks by highlighting different surfaces and areas of the apartment, making everyday actions like switching on lights and preparing a meal a challenge. This is intended to help residents become mentally sharper and “recalibrate their equanimity and self-possession,” wrote novelist Setouchi Jakuchi.

Shoshanna from Girls apartment
Image: Airbnb

The Reversible Destiny Lofts, which were built in memory of blind and deaf author, political activist and lecturer Helen Keller, even come with their own “Directions For Use” — 22 instructions such as “As you step into this unit fully believe you are walking into your own immune system” and “Treat each room as if it were you yourself, as if it were a direct extension of you.”

The Airbnb reviews for this truly unique apartment are glowing.

“This place is really, really cool,” wrote Tim. “Very quirky and fun to stay in. Everything is clean and the sunken kitchen is a great way to save space. The futons are comfy and the small balcony is private. The lumpy floors are something I’ve never seen before (trust me when I use lumpy as a positive adjective!). The orb shaped room and hammock make this place a truly visual experience.”

“It is a creative, challenging and comfortable space,” said Adele, while Maria described the accommodation as “an absolutely unique space that will inspire, challenge and make you love this city even more.”

We can’t confirm whether you’ll bump into Shoshanna and co. while you’re there but you never know.


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