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Gwen Stefani thanks Pharrell for post-baby comeback

The singer admits she was insecure about her first post-baby performance — but her spiritual journey has helped inspire her songwriting ever since. 

It’s seldom that we hear anything about Gwen Stefani these days that doesn’t involve her sweet relationship with Blake Shelton. As much as we love the couple, we have to remember that the 46-year-old singer, songwriter, fashion designer and mom of three also has her own amazing personal story. In a recent interview with the New York Times, Stefani revealed that, yes, even a woman as accomplished and brilliant as she is, can feel insecure — especially after giving birth, having her marriage to Gavin Rossdale blow up in public and attempting the comeback of a lifetime.

On the heels of releasing “This Is What the Truth Feels Like,” Stefani admitted that Pharrell Williams helped her return to the stage immediately after giving birth to her third son Apollo, now 2. The former The Voice coach says her sons are big fans of the singer’s “Happy” track, so she wrote to him to express her gratitude. His response was better than she could have expected: He wrote her back and asked her if she wanted to come play at Coachella. Stefani says she stayed up all night contemplating whether to take the plunge so soon after Apollo’s birth, even reassuring herself that she could wear a black jumpsuit to feel better about her appearance.

“After you have a baby you so want to get back,” Stefani said. “The first time I left the house was to go walk onstage and perform ‘Hollaback Girl.’ I got a tour bus and brought the kids out to Coachella so they could see I was friends with Pharrell and show off to them. And then I got the call about The Voice, and they were like, by the way, Pharrell is doing it. And I was like, what? You know what, yeah! I want to do it.”

A baby, a comeback and an amazing career opportunity — talk about a magical year.

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And this provides a nice lead-in to Stefani’s next major revelation: She says she has been on a spiritual journey that she credits with making the songwriting process for her latest album so much more organic and natural than anything she has ever worked on in the past.

“I just felt so spiritual,” Stefani says. “I know that it’s weird to talk about spirituality publicly, because it’s such a personal thing, and I know that some people, it offends them. But I can say my own journey, and what I believe and what I feel and what I’ve seen, the miracles I’ve seen — it’s quite real for me. It was right there in the room. It was magic, and everybody felt the magic of this music being made. It was so pure.”

Not surprisingly, Stefani can’t talk about the last few months of her hectic life without mentioning how embarrassed she felt by her ex-husband’s betrayal. Who can blame her? But even that incident — Rossdale reportedly cheated on his wife with the nanny — gave Stefani clarity and hope for the future, if you can believe it. She says she refused to decide that her life was falling apart and that was the end of it. Instead, she made it a point to let it take her to new creative heights and serve as a learning experience.

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I give Stefani major credit for focusing on the good to come out of her destroyed marriage instead of wallowing in anger. I think it’s an amazing gift for both Shelton and Stefani to have found love during this challenging time in both of their lives. But the important thing to remember is that she put in the work to make sense of her marriage problems before hooking up with Shelton. Had she not hooked up with him, it seems like she would have come through this just fine, thanks to her inner strength and strong sense of spirituality and belief in her own purpose on this planet.

Stefani is a lot more than one-half of our favorite new celeb relationship — she’s a strong, inspirational woman who picks herself up, dusts herself off and starts over again.

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