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Shark Tank‘s Sharks go overboard with harsh health product critiques

When entrepreneurs bring new products into the Shark Tank, they can expect to have them picked apart by a no-nonsense team of investors who pull no punches. Sometimes, however, the Sharks take cheap shots that are completely uncalled for. Tonight’s punching bag was a blended vegetable drink called The Good Promise. Its creator felt the full wrath of the Sharks — especially Kevin O’Leary.

Shark Tank Robert
Image: ABC

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Things seemed to be going well at the beginning of Karen Posada’s pitch, as the Sharks appeared to enjoy at least one of her juice flavors. However, that changed in a hurry after the Sharks tasted the rest of her creations. One in particular was so bad that Daymond John asked if it was a cleanser — implying that he may need to bail on the rest of the pitch and run for the bathroom. Robert Herjavec and Mark Cuban both visibly gagged while trying to keep down their drinks, and Mr. Wonderful compared three of the four flavors to toxic waste. How O’Leary knows what toxic waste tastes like is anyone’s guess, but needless to say, the Sharks were not impressed by The Good Promise.

Shark Tank Mark
Image: ABC

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Viewers seemed to get a kick out of Herjavec’s gagging and O’Leary’s colorful insults. However, some thought that O’Leary and his cohorts went way too far with their critiques. Both disappointed and delighted viewers took to Twitter to comment on the Sharks’ over-the-top reactions.

O’Leary made it quite clear that he wasn’t a fan of The Good Promise, but comparing it to consuming toxic snails was unwarranted. There’s nothing wrong with giving entrepreneurs no-nonsense feedback, but at some point, the Sharks need to know when to give it a rest. Posada clearly got the message that the Sharks did not approve long before they began making nasty remarks about toxic snails and flaming sphincters. Entertainment value aside, it would be far more useful for the Sharks to take Lori Greiner’s tactful approach and give entrepreneurs like Posada the feedback they need without being downright cruel.

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Did you think the Sharks were too harsh during tonight’s episode of Shark Tank? Comment and share your opinion below.

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