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Jennifer Lopez gets choked up after moving American Idol performance (VIDEO)

Even 15 seasons in, American Idol can still surprise us with the power of live music. This week’s episode featured La’Porsha Renae’s emotional performance of Mary J. Blige’s “No More Drama.” Just before she performed, Renae explained that she chose the song to help her work through a recent abusive relationship.

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Renae teared up as she powered through the song, moving Jennifer Lopez to tears and leaving fellow judges Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban seemingly speechless. People spoke with Renae after the performance.

“It was something that needed to happen,” she said of choosing the personal song. “I got out of that bad relationship in April and came straight into American Idol, so I didn’t have time to heal. Having America pick this song for me forced me to face the feelings I had been running from. That’s why I got so emotional.”

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Talking through her tears from the judges’ table, Lopez gave Renae credit for sharing her emotion on stage.

“It takes a lot of strength to overcome those things in your life,” Lopez said. “I know. Everybody knows. We’ve all been through stuff like that… Honestly, you’re an inspiration… Thank you for that moment.”

Renae also earned kudos from Urban, who called her “so inspiring,” and Ryan Seacrest.

Watch the full video below.
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