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Kim Zolciak shares a scary fortune that turned out to be true (PHOTO)

Kim Zolciak believes in the power of fortune cookies, and she recently took to Instagram to share a particularly odd fortune that ended up coming true.

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Zolciak uploaded a picture of herself from several years ago that shows her holding a fortune from hot spot Tao. It reads, “The cure will involve an implant of some kind” — and Zolciak believes it came true.

She captioned the post with, “OMG!!! Look what my boss sent me today!! This was my fortune out of my fortune cookie on 12/8/14… I had heart surgery 10/24/15 where they put in a device/implant to close the hole in my heart. crazy!!!! Even crazier that she took a pic of me holding the damn thing!!”

Creepy indeed.

You’ll probably remember Zolciak’s health troubles in October when she suffered a ministroke, which forced her to drop out of the Dancing With the Stars competition. But her hospitalization helped to discover an underlying genetic condition, which required heart surgery.

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Fans have reacted to the post, and it seems a lot of them believe in the power of fortune cookies, too.

“OMG. Whoa. Now that’s cray. Im so happy you’re happy and healthy love. That’s all that matters,” marian1387 wrote.

“@Kimzolciakbiermann Kim girl I saw an old fortune cookie that said u [sic] will move into a new house in a year while I was as moving into the house I had projected with in [sic] that year….,” nicole_gillotte shared.

“@Kimzolciakbiermann Power of the fortune cookies baby! That’s wicked awesome. Have a fabulous day Goddess!” actorsing wrote.

And this is not the only time that Zolciak’s fortune has appeared to come true either.

“Wow, u r blessed, Ur fortune teller on bravo told you you’ll get married & have babies. Now look at you, she was on point,” mssasha_23 stated.

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Rachellucas155 had similar thoughts, writing, “Dang! Girl you [sic] surrounded by 6 senses. First Rose now these fortunes. Shittt!”

Is this an odd coincidence or could fortunes sometimes have some truth to them? Let us know which side of the coin you fall on in the comments below.

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