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Emma Watson’s awkward beatboxing makes us love her even more (VIDEO)

Who knew Emma Watson could beatbox? Not even she did, apparently, until she was coerced into doing so by U.S. actor Lin-Manuel Miranda to accompany his rap about gender equality.

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Watson was interviewing Miranda, the creater, writer and star of Hamilton the Musical, as part of the UN Women HeForShe Arts Week.

Arts Week is a new initiative for UN Women, aimed at leveraging the arts for gender equality. Its launch on March 8 at New York’s Public Theater brought together UN Goodwill Ambassadors Watson and Forest Whitaker for a conversation on gender equality and women’s rights.

“This is an exciting occasion for arts and cultural organisations to support the achievement of gender equality, engaging with UN Women’s crticial mission to achieve planet 50-50 by 2030,” says the HeForShe Arts Week website.

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It’s also the perfect opportunity to remind ourselves why Watson is such an amazing ambassador for equal rights. Not only is she completely dedicated to the cause (so much so, that she’s taking a year off acting to “learn more about feminism”), she’s endearingly normal.

As in, she gets embarrassed and goes bright red when she has to do something she finds awkward. Like beatboxing.

After being introduced by Miranda as a great beatboxer, a fearful Watson says, “He’s lying.”

“English school kids, that’s what we do all the time, we just beatbox,” she added wryly.

She gets stuck in anyway, and when the ordeal is over she can’t hide her embarrassment, saying, “I’m literally the colour of a tomato… These are the lengths that I will go to for gender equality.”

Watch Watson’s beatboxing efforts below. You’ll cross your fingers for her, cringe with her and love her even more by the end of it.

Find out more about the HeForShe campaign here.

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