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HTGAWM: Does Frank’s disappearance mean he just murdered someone else?

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Thursday’s Season 2 finale of How to Get Away with Murder, so read at your own risk.

There’s no doubt the second season of HTGAWM started and ended with a bang. During Thursday’s finale, a lot of answers were provided to questions fans have been wondering about since the beginning. Like who killed the Hapstall parents and Helena Hapstall? Answer: Caleb. The episode also finally offered up details about why Frank killed Lila, what he owed Sam and even more about his past, including why he has that suitcase of money.

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Since the get-go, Frank hasn’t been a good guy, but is anyone really 100 percent good on this series? At the end of Season 1, it was revealed he murdered Lila for Sam. Then, during Season 2, he helped get rid of Rebecca’s dead body. There’s nothing this man won’t clean up or take care of when it comes to the Keatings. Clearly, ever since Sam “dragged him out of the gutter and guilted Annalise into hiring him,” he’s been doing all kinds of favors for them.

Frank Delfino
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However, before he became the Frank fans know and Laurel loves, he was a very different man, which became evident during the flashbacks 10 years prior. So, how did he become the current Frank?

Remember Frank going back to that random woman’s hotel room during the flashback? If you thought there was more to her, you were right. She worked for Wallace Mahoney. Well, she offered Frank a suitcase of money (yes, that’s where he got the suitcase!) to bug Annalise’s room so the Mahoneys could get a mistrial for their son’s case.

It all backfired, because then Mahoney learned of Annalise’s plan to go to the police and he basically put a hit out on her. That’s right: Her car accident wasn’t an accident. After Sam told Frank that Annalise was fine but they lost the baby, Frank came clean about everything. And this is where Frank’s favor to Sam comes into play. As angry as Sam was for Frank essentially being responsible for killing his child, he told him to never tell Annalise any of this or he would ruin Frank. That’s how Frank ended up owing Sam and why he killed Lila.

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Let’s also note that it looks like Frank never spent any of the money from the Mahoneys, which is probably out of pure guilt and the fact that he’d feel more horrible than he already does.

At the end of the episode, Bonnie told Annalise Frank’s role in the death of her son, which made her even more hurt and angry. She then told Bonnie that Frank needed to go. Does that mean she wants Bonnie to kill Frank? Does that mean she wants Bonnie to tell Frank to leave and never come back? I think that’s up for fans to interpret.

Frank Delfino
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Whatever the case, Laurel visited Frank’s apartment at the end of the hour and he was nowhere to be found. You know what else was missing? His clothes and that suitcase of money. So, it appears Frank hit the road. Where did he go?

Well, there’s one theory. At the very last minute of the episode, Wes approached his alleged father, Wallace Mahoney. After Wes revealed his true identity, Wallace was shot and killed right before Wes’ eyes. Side note: How much can Wes really take when it comes to his parents and watching them die? Poor Wes.

There is a very good chance that Frank could’ve murdered Wallace. I mean, the downfall of Frank, Sam and Annalise all started because of the Mahoneys, so maybe Frank wanted to get revenge for all of them? Plus, he carried a big burden for 10 years, so maybe Frank had just had enough. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait until Season 3 to find out.

With that, let’s applaud HTGAWM for another successful season, in addition to both Viola Davis and Charlie Weber’s powerful performances in the Season 2 finale.

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