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Grimm: Will Adalind and Renard join Black Claw to get back Diana?

Grimm Season 5 has heavily revolved around Black Claw, the Wesen group intent on no longer hiding their identity from society and killing anyone who gets in their way. Well, there is a good possibility Adalind and Renard just might join their fight.

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As previously shown, Black Claw wants Renard on their side and they also want him to run for mayor of Portland. It’s unclear exactly what Renard will decide, but Friday’s episode teased that if he does what they’re asking, he just might also get his daughter, Diana, back.

Rachel Wood, a Black Claw member and Andrew Dixon’s former campaign manager, told Renard that in order to become mayor he needs a family. She even mentioned Adalind and Diana to him, but what does this mean? Is she saying that if he agrees to do what Black Claw wants of him, then he and Adalind will finally get their long-lost daughter back? That’s sure what it sounds like.

At the end of Friday’s episode, Renard phoned Adalind and said that he might have found a way to reunite them with Diana. There’s no doubt Adalind would do anything to get her daughter back, but will she agree to whatever terms are given to her, including maybe marrying Renard and joining forces with Black Claw?

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Things have changed drastically for Adalind since giving birth to Diana. She’s become a decent person, is no longer a Hexenbiest (for the time being), loves Nick and also had another child with Nick. Would she be willing to risk all of that to get Diana back?

There are a lot of scenarios here, but if Adalind and Renard do take sides with Black Claw, things surely won’t end well. Not only will the two be siding with the enemy, but they’ll also find themselves on the wrong side of Nick and Hadrian’s Wall, aka Eve, Trubel and Meisner.

Whatever happens, here’s hoping Adalind finally gets Diana back, because their reunion is long overdue.

Grimm airs Fridays at 9/8c on NBC.

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