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Portia de Rossi’s thin appearance mocked with hateful comments (PHOTOS)

Portia de Rossi became the subject of a major mean girl attack when photos surfaced showing her looking what critics deemed as “too skinny.”

De Rossi was photographed at the PaleyFest event for Scandal wearing a lovely outfit that included a top with cutouts on the back — and it was what those cutouts exposed that caused a ruckus.

Radar Online devoted an entire slideshow to criticizing de Rossi’s body, saying her ribs “jutted out” and calling her body “alarmingly pin thin” while resurrecting stories of an eating disorder and marriage problems with Ellen DeGeneres.

OK! Magazine presented a similar slideshow, referring to de Rossi as “frighteningly frail” and “smaller than ever.”

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Back in January, a source reportedly told Radar Online, “Not only does she have a heavy workload on Scandal, she’s been having problems in her marriage with Ellen DeGeneres. The stress is starting to show.”

Beyond the inherent wrongness of body-shaming any woman, the comments take on a whole new low when one remembers that de Rossi has discussed her lifelong struggles with an eating disorder many times.

“I felt tremendous responsibility when I was 12 years old and I was put on a catwalk,” she told the documentary series It Got Better in 2015. “My modeling agents had told me to go on a diet. So I didn’t eat for 10 days before then.”

She continued to struggle with anorexia and bulimia and revealed that at her low point she weighed just 82 pounds, telling Oprah she ate just 300 calories and took up to 20 laxatives a day.

De Rossi has since seemingly managed to maintain a healthy weight, but even if she has lost weight recently, shaming her for being “too skinny” is a particularly hateful thing to do. Eating disorders are serious diseases, and one wouldn’t shame someone for having cancer, so someone who suffers from an eating disorder shouldn’t be shamed for it, either.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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