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Yolanda Foster believes Lisa Rinna is still ‘stuck in the darkness’

Yolanda Foster still has some harsh words for Lisa Rinna.

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In her latest Bravo blog, Foster explains how Rinna ruined Camille Grammer’s cancer benefit with her “negative energy.”

“It’s hard to understand the animosity she feels toward me because before the Munchhausen [sic] comment I never had an unpleasant personal experience with her,” Foster writes, referring to when Rinna accused her of faking her Lyme disease diagnosis to seek attention due to Munchausen syndrome.

She continued, “It was painful for me to witness her so bluntly label Kim a ‘drug addict’ and Brandi an ‘alcoholic’ in public because the ripple effect of that was so painful for all involved from children, family and loved ones. So much hurt that could have been avoided if handled in a more delicate way.”

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That’s not all Foster has to say about her former friend. She mentions that it’s been a year since Rinna caused drama with the other Beverly Hills Housewives, but that she still seems to harbor a grudge against Foster.

“Now a year later Rinna still seems to be stuck in the darkness and speaks with anger about these women,” Foster wrote. “Me going to lunch with them seems to oddly affect her. Why does she care how I choose to go about my day?”

She continued, “Our physical universe operates under a clear set of spiritual laws, and it might be time for Rinna to replace her anger with compassion, unity, love, and fulfillment as that’s what the red Kaballah [sic] string around her wrist is suppose [sic] to represent. We don’t have to be best friends with everyone, but at least show kindness and compassion.”

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Do you think Lisa Rinna will ever get over her feud with the other Housewives?

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