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Kim Richards fights nonstop with her Mother/Daughter Experiment co-stars

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This week on The Mother/Daughter Experiment, the show took yet another page from Marriage Boot Camp and challenged the mother/daughter duos to construct Ikea furniture in order to hone their communication skills, and also maybe win a spa day. (Ikea is getting some kind of cut from all this, right?) In therapy, Dr. Debbie Magids urged the women to reveal what they’d been hiding from one another, and everyone confessed what was bothering them, including Kimberly Jackson, who told her mother, Kim Richards, that she always felt as though she had to protect her emotionally. Given what we know about Richard’s health, it wasn’t a surprise that Jackson voiced her concern about her mother’s psychological state, but it was sad to hear her confirm the amount of emotional caretaking she’s been doing, especially at such a young age.

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Guess who was not worried about protecting Richard’s emotions? Heidi Montag. On Friday, Montag decided she’d had it with Richards being late to things and not respecting everyone’s time. She apparently took Dr. Deb’s advice to be herself (in the context of her relationship with her mother, but OK) very literally, and called out Richards. “Heidi has no idea what she’s getting herself into, coming into my mom’s room and confronting her,” Jackson said. Richards didn’t let things lie — she accused Montag of starting trouble, claiming that no one else in the house had ever said anything to her about being late, and she was being an instigator. In response, Heidi did a lot of nodding and refrained from making facial expressions.

In just four episodes of the show, Richards has already quarreled with castmate Natalie Nunn, after Nunn started an argument with her daughter and Shar Jackson’s daughter, Cassie, about a rumor she thought they started (or rather, that she thought they Googled and then told everyone else about). We didn’t actually get a resolution to that fight, which means we’ll probably have to return to it at some point before the end of the season — although, for her part, Nunn seems really into running around the house and yelling at people for talking about her.

It seems like, at this rate, Richards is going to be in the center of at least some of the drama in every episode, whether it means getting into it with her co-stars, threatening to leave, or having super-emotional reactions to what’s being asked of her in therapy. Not that the same isn’t true for Montag, who said on Friday’s episode that she’d choose husband Spencer Pratt over her mother, but that’s what happens when you put reality stars on a show with other reality stars — they’re going to vie for attention, even (especially) if they’re supposed to be in therapy.

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