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Jana Duggar reveals she has bigger ideas about her future than just marriage

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Of all the Duggar siblings, Jana might be the source of the most speculation and mystery. After all, she’s 26 years old and not married, which, in the Duggars’ universe, is basically unheard of.

On Tuesday’s new episode of Jill and Jessa: Counting On, while some of the family went to Central America to visit Jill and Derick, Jana rescued Jessa and Ben (mostly Ben) from a potentially disastrous home lighting project. This is what Jana does, it seems, and has always done — she takes care of her siblings and makes sure things don’t explode, and her status as essentially Michelle Jr. has long been both fascinating and troubling to viewers.

On the latest episode, the producers decided it was time to get Jana talking by asking her about where she sees herself in five years, and what she thinks about the fact that everyone perceives her as solely cooking and taking care of babies. Her response was actually pretty sassy: “I don’t just cook and take care of babies… surprise!” She’s apparently into projects, but, in typical reserved Jana fashion, she wasn’t specific about what those might be.

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As for her answer to the five-year question, Jana’s answer, that she wasn’t sure, was surprising. The producer pushed harder, bringing up the fact that numerous men have attempted to court her, but to no avail. Jana acknowledged that was true, saying it just hadn’t been right with any of them, which begs the question, have any of the other Duggar daughters been courted by more than one man before they got married? Did we just hear about Derick and Ben because they’re the ones who stuck around?

We know Josiah Duggar was courting, and then it all fell apart, so perhaps the family doesn’t reveal such delicate information until the engagement is basically a done deal.

While she seemed super uncomfortable with the line of questioning about her future, overall, Jana appeared to be pretty well-adjusted about her single status. I’m certainly not going to argue that she’s a feminist, but I definitely agree with this Twitter fan on Jana’s specific sort of rebellion.

We have no idea what actually goes on in the Duggar home in regard to Jana — how much of her situation is actually within her control, if she’s just maintaining a stiff upper lip about it all because she doesn’t want her family to look bad (worse?), or what, but there is also the possibility that what we’re seeing is exactly what there is to see, and Jana is actually content with where she is now. It could be a lot worse, after all.

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