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Teen Mom 2 debate: ‘How old is too old to share a naked pic of your kid?’

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At this point, are we all in agreement that Teen Mom 2s Adam Lind is the worst? Yes? Good. The father of Chelsea Houska’s daughter, Aubree, has been in trouble so many times, it’s not even worth counting, and every time he’s on the show, he spends 100 percent of his energy making Chelsea sound like a crazy shrew. On the latest episode of Teen Mom 2, Adam made yet another bad decision when he posted a picture of Aubree to Instagram. Why so awful? Aubree’s 6 and it was a picture of her in the bathtub. When Chelsea saw the picture, she immediately texted Adam and asked him to take it down and, in classic Adam fashion, he swore at her and told her the photo was no big deal. Her lawyer agreed that the picture was inappropriate, but unfortunately, there’s nothing the court can do about it.

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If your kid is 6, she’s too old to have a naked picture of herself on social media. She’s not a baby anymore; she’s a person with opinions and she should be taught that her body belongs to her before it belongs to anyone else, including her parent who thinks it’s awesome and cute to take a picture of her in the tub and then make it available to everyone on Earth, especially if that parent is on TV and has a ton of Instagram followers.

Here’s the thing — Adam probably thought he was doing something funny and cute. (I’ve gone and defended him, and now I need a shower.) I don’t think he had nefarious intentions in posting the photo, but it’s not a surprise, though, since Adam doesn’t have a great track record of thinking things through. But this is a great example of why Adam shouldn’t be allowed to have more custody, in addition to the fact that he can’t seem to follow the rules that govern the custody he does have. He doesn’t think about the repercussions of his actions and then he lashes out when people question them. Plus, he seems to have a pretty significant problem with women, in that he thinks they’re stupid or disposable or crazy, and he’s definitely not into women having any kind of power (i.e. Chelsea and Taylor). In short, in this case, a picture isn’t just a picture.

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What do you think about Adam posting the photo? Should Chelsea be upset? Would you have been? Tell us in the comments!

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