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5 ways Karen Huger is wrong to keep her daughter away from Ashley Darby

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One thing you can say about The Real Housewives of Potomac‘s Ashley Darby: she’s been up-front about her desire to get in good with the Potomac women since the beginning. You could argue that she’s been a little too honest, what with admitting to Katie that she’d Googled everyone, but she definitely has never stopped trying to impress the women — especially Karen Huger. Ashley took the ladies to her beach house in Delaware for an ill-fated girls’ weekend, and on the way down, Karen told Ashley that she definitely did not want her to have anything to do with her daughter, Raven. Ashley seemed annoyed, but it didn’t get addressed in the moment. On Sunday’s new episode, though, Ashley brought it up again with the whole group. Lest anyone be confused, Karen cleared the air quickly by stating that it’s just Ashley she doesn’t want her daughter hanging out with (like, ever). The reason? Ashley “has done everything wrong.”

Here are some reasons why Karen is being ridiculous.

1. “Everything” wrong?

Karen treats Ashley as though she knowingly set on fire a building with children and puppies in it and then just left town when Ashley’s actually been trying to get in her good graces for weeks. (Or however time works on this show. Is it still summer? Who knows.) “Everything wrong” is a little dramatic. What Karen actually means is that Ashley doesn’t do things the way Karen would have her do them, so obviously, she’s a complete monster.

2. Oh no! Not a female role model!

I’m not about to propose that Ashley is the Lisa Vanderpump of RHOP (there is no evidence that she owns one or more swans and I wouldn’t refer to her as flawless), but she is definitely clear about what she wants and she’s zeroing in on it. Plus, she’s young and savvy, and most importantly, she has a sense of humor and is pretty down-to-earth — at least compared to Karen.

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3. It’s probably not the best idea to tell your grown daughter who she can hang out with

Raven’s about to go to college, and it’ll be pretty hard to control who she’ll end up socializing with once she’s there. (Unless you’re Emily Gilmore.) This isn’t an argument for Ashley so much as it is for Karen to step aside and let her kid make her own choices about her friends.

4. Way to make things easier on everyone else in the group, Karen

So Karen’s just not going to invite Ashley over now? And she’s going to make sure no one else invites Ashley to anything that Raven might also be invited to? And she’s going to spend the rest of the season running interference to prevent Raven and Ashley from encountering one another on the (extremely well manicured) streets of Potomac? Cool, seems like a good use of time. Also, this is reality TV, so obviously, Raven and Ashley are going to meet at some point — so Karen can have a strategically placed aneurysm.

5. Is this really the biggest problem on the show right now?

Of course, this is Karen insulting Ashley, and it’s extra mean because of how hard Ashley’s tried to ingratiate herself to Karen. But, honestly, Karen could do so much worse than Ashley as a friend, and the same is true for Raven. I mean, is Ashley worse than Gizelle, who spent a whole weekend complaining about having to sleep in a twin bed? Or Katie, who absolutely will not stop annoying her boyfriend (and viewers) about marriage? Maybe pick your battles, Karen. Just a suggestion.

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Is Karen right to keep her daughter away from Ashley? Tell us in the comments!

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