James Kennedy managed to pack everything he loves into one music video

Mar 17, 2016 at 1:33 p.m. ET
Image: Daniel Tanner/WENN.com

Like Vanderpump Rules' Tom Sandoval, (former?) Sur employee James Kennedy went and made a music video for his song "Don't Look Down." Like Sandoval's "Touch in Public," the video features a fellow Sur employee, Lisa Vanderpump's son, Max Todd. But unlike Sandoval's song, "Don't Look Down" doesn't have any words. Or, actually, it has three — don't, look, and down. The video and song are pretty weird, to say the least, and if the YouTube comments are anything to go off of, "Don't Look Down" isn't going to be a hit. But! The video does feature Kennedy's most favorite things in the world. And in a weird way, that makes us smile.

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Here are seven things Kennedy of course included in his new music video. The only thing missing? Kristen Doute or Lala Kent.

1. Drinking


If there's one thing Kennedy loves, it's a good boozy night (that often results in an argument of some sort). Clearly, the guy likes day — or, morning — drinking, too. Why else would he pour himself a shot of Patrón before hitting the hay?

2. Smoking


Ahhh, smoking. Few people enjoy a cig quite like Kennedy. It's probably the European in him.

3. Being shirtless


It's hard to say what Kennedy likes more: being shirtless or a good, loose-fitting tank top. If this video is anything to go by, signs point to being shirtless. (Plenty of ladies probably aren't complaining.)

4. Wearing a blazer with the sleeves pushed up


A low-cut shirt with a blazer with the sleeves pushed up: also known as the Kennedy Uniform

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5. His BFF


It's kind of cute. Kennedy put his British BFF, Max Todd, in the video. Cheers, dudes!

6. Luxury


Kennedy makes no effort to hide the fact that he's had a posh upbringing (George Michael is his godfather), so it's no surprise that there's a Rolls Royce in the video. Maybe he's taking it to get washed for Vanderpump?

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7. Dancing


Have you ever seen Kennedy DJ without bopping his head along and dancing? Um, no. So, you'd best believe the dude is going to cut a rug in his own vid. Keep on dancing, James. Keep on dancing.

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