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8 Divergent: Allegiant spoilers from the book

As a huge fan of the Divergent trilogy, I’m anxiously anticipating what the two-part movie conclusion of the series will bring. What changes will the films make? And how will they handle that bombshell of an ending?

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Like I hope the title indicated, this article contains major spoilers from the Divergent trilogy books.

If you have read the books, then you know that the ending of Veronica Roth’s novels was one of the most controversial trilogy endings in YA history, so definitely don’t spoil this one for yourself lightly. I highly recommend, if you haven’t read the books, to just experience this one for yourself.

But, that being said, here are the things you can expect to see from the movie’s two-part conclusion.

1. Tris and Tobias leave the Chicago compound

Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Tobias are taken to the Bureau of Genetic Warfare where they discover the true secrets of the outside world, which isn’t so pretty. Lots of ruined buildings.

2. The genetic experiment is explained, kind of

David, the head of the Bureau of Genetic Warfare, tells Tris that the Chicago experiment was supposed to correct genetic damage that was caused by government experiments. The experiments were supposed to perfect humanity by getting rid of things like violence, greed, cowardice, dishonesty and unintelligence. Hmm, sound familiar? Maybe like the opposite of the five factions of Divergent? Tris is divergent, meaning she has overcome the genetic mutations and is now considered genetically pure.

3. Tobias is not so genetically pure

Unfortunately, just because Tobias is divergent, doesn’t mean he’s genetically pure. In fact, he’s put in the “genetically damaged” category and is treated as less than Tris because of it.

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4. The memory serum virus

Since Tris is basically the only genetically pure member of the Chicago experiment, the Bureau of Genetic Warfare has this great idea that they are just going to wipe everyone else’s memory clean and start with a fresh slate of minds so they can keep reproducing until ultimate purity is reached. Tris isn’t so keen on this idea and makes it her mission to stop the Bureau.

5. Natalie Prior’s backstory

Tris gets ahold of her mom’s journal, thanks to Zoe. She discovers that her mom infiltrated the genetic experiment in Chicago in order to try and stop all the violence that was happening.

6. Tris dies

In order to stop the Bureau from unleashing the memory serum on Chicago, Tris concocts a plan to unleash it on the Bureau instead. But, complicated story made short, in order to make the plan work, someone has to sacrifice themselves. And, of course, it’s Tris. The emergency lockdown to keep the memory serum from getting out means the room unleashes a death serum. And Tris inhales it, survives and then is shot in the head by Bureau leader David. Yup, I bawled my eyes out like a little baby.

7. It’s all about love

Originally, Tris’ brother Caleb wants to be the one to make the death serum sacrifice, but Tris takes his place. Caleb was going to sacrifice himself in order to absolve the guilt he felt for betraying Tris and his family, which, author Veronica Roth wants us to know, is the wrong reason to kill yourself. Tris, on the other hand, is sacrificing herself for the sake of love, which is apparently the justifiable reason to die. And a controversial one at that — just google the conclusion of this series if you want to get into that can of worms.

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8. The city lives happily ever after

Just because Tris and Tobias don’t get their happy ending together, doesn’t mean all is lost. Tobias is able to convince Evelyn to give up her power-hungry ways and she partners with the Allegiant to create a better city.

The first part of the conclusion, Allegiant, is set to be released in theaters March 18.

Will you be seeing Part 1 in theaters? Which part from the books are you most excited to see play out onscreen?

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