Younger: Will [spoiler]'s death push Liza to tell Kelsey her secret?

Mar 17, 2016 at 12:14 a.m. ET
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Wait. Hold the phone. What is happening? Seriously, did that really just go down? Someone please come calm me down. OK. Now that is over and done with, if you've yet to watch Wednesday's Younger (the episode before the Season 2 finale), then read no further. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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So, I guess I'll just rip the Band-Aid off and say it. Younger just killed Thad, or so it seems, but, yeah he's totally dead, right? I'm just going to assume he's a goner. Yep, you read that correctly. You know what that means? Kelsey will no longer be planning a wedding, but rather, planning a funeral. Seriously, did anyone see that coming?

Now, let me back up a bit to how he presumably died. Remember how Liza was sent that video of Thad having sex with someone who wasn't his fiancée? She then gave him an ultimatum: He tells Kelsey or she will. That's where Wednesday's episode picked up, but before Thad gave into Liza's wishes, he discovered her juicy little secret — she definitely isn't 26.


Man, oh, man. Liza just can't catch a break, can she? Obviously, Thad used this to blackmail Liza, meaning if Liza didn't delete his sex video, then he would tell Kelsey and whoever else that she is really 40. However, Thad didn't get what he wanted, because like the good person and friend she is, Liza said that he could tell whoever he wanted about her secret, because Kelsey deserved the truth.

Then, the craziest moment happened. While Liza was walking away, she and Thad heard a noise. As Liza turned around, a beam fell off the top of a construction crane and landed right on top of Thad! There's no way he could survive that, unless he's some kind of superhero. I know Younger is a dramedy, but never did I think something like this would occur.

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I guess there's a chance that Thad could still be alive underneath that beam, but that's highly doubtful. Plus, based on next week's promo for the finale, which is titled "No Weddings & a Funeral," it sure looks like Thad's funeral is happening. Also, Dan Amboyer (who plays Thad) has been tweeting up a storm about the shocking death and ending. So, yeah, Thad's death seems permanent.

So, if Thad is truly dead, what does this mean for both Liza and Kelsey? There's a good chance that Liza will feel some guilt over Thad's death. Liza didn't know or mean for Thad to die, but part of her might think, "If I would've just dropped it about the video, none of this would've happened."

If she does feel guilt, plus add in her sadness for Kelsey, that means Liza might finally reveal her secret to Kelsey. Not to mention, Liza just saw firsthand how short life can be, so maybe she'll want to confess everything (including Thad's sex tape) to her coworker and newfound BFF.

As for Kelsey, she's going to be devastated, of course. Where will this lead her? If Liza does tell her the truth, then what? Will she be mad? Will she forgiver her? That beam falling on Thad could push Liza and Kelsey in so many different directions.

Whatever the case, there's no doubt the Season 2 finale is going to be epic. As Sutton Foster (aka Liza) tweeted, "If you think that was crazy, wait until you see the season finale next week." Yeah, I'm both nervous and excited.

The Younger Season 2 finale airs Wednesday, March 23 at 10/9c on TV Land.

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