Todd Chrisley overreacts in a big way to son’s tattoo

Todd Chrisley is dramatic. He doesn’t make any apologies for his sassy attitude or his reactions to anything — especially when it comes to his kids. On last night’s episode of Chrisley Knows Best, we saw just how far Todd will go to punish his son Chase for getting a tattoo.

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Chase is perhaps the most rebellious of the children, at least on the show. And it wasn’t really a shock when he got a tattoo. What was shocking was that Todd decided that the price of a tattoo was $150,000. Basically, Todd has a rule where he takes $150,000 out of any child’s inheritance for every tattoo they have on their body.

Let’s just pretend that we can all relate to an inheritance that has enough in it that $150,000 is a reasonable amount to be taken out for a tattoo — I think we can all agree that tattoos are not that much of a rebellious act anymore.

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Not only did Todd threaten Chase with losing $150,000, but he made him get the tattoo removed plus gave him a car as a reward.

Did I mention that the tattoo was a verse from the Bible?

I’m not saying this is right or wrong — I am saying that it makes for a hilarious show. But what does confuse me is how is a tattoo this big of a deal these days? It wasn’t visible with clothes on, it was a Bible verse and Chase is in college.

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Todd certainly is allowed to make his own decisions about how to raise his children, but if this is how he reacts over a tattoo, can you imagine what he would do over something actually rebellious? I know I’m excited to watch and find out. Keep breaking the rules, Chase!


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