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NCIS fans are excited about the real reason for DiNozzo’s exit

Even though Michael Weatherly is leaving NCIS as Tony DiNozzo at the end of Season 13, that doesn’t mean he’s leaving television for good. On Wednesday, it was announced Weatherly will play the lead role in a CBS drama pilot titled Bull. That’s not the only exciting part about the 47-year-old actor signing on for a new role. You know what is? The fact that he’ll play a character based on Dr. Phil. Yes, that Dr. Phil.

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Bull will follow Weatherly as “Dr. Bull,” who is based on talk show host Phil McGraw’s early days as the head of one of the most prolific trial consulting services of all time. He is also the head of a company that analyzes juries to help develop defense strategies.

Per the character description, Weatherly’s character has a physicality, feral intelligence and bruising candor making him magnetic to women. Well, if anyone can pull that off, it’s Weatherly.

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Both Phil McGraw and Paul Attanasio (House) serve as writers and executive producers, whereas Six Feet Under‘s Rodrigo Garcia will act as the pilot’s director. As for the rest of the cast, Freddy Rodriguez (The Night Shift) Geneva Carr (Rescue Me) and Chris Jackson (Oz) have also signed on for the pilot.

As hard as it will be to see Weatherly no longer portraying DiNozzo, it’s good to know he’s sticking around on the small screen. Guess what? NCIS fans are beyond thrilled for Weatherly’s new venture. Granted, I’m sure they’d rather see him stay on as Tony, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t and/or won’t support the actor’s career. That just proves they are true fans.
I’m dreading saying goodbye to Weatherly as Tony, but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing him bring another character to life.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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