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Pretty Little Liars‘ Season 6 finale causes incest confusion

First, CeCe dated her brother Jason, and now Pretty Little Liars has another incest scandal on their hands.

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This one is the result of some misunderstandings, though, and not actually a direct storyline in the show. (I think… I hope…)

Some viewers were confused during last night’s Season 6 finale of the show. The big reveal was that Mrs. DiLaurentis had a sister named Mary Drake, who was after the DiLaurentis family fortune because she thought what they had was rightfully hers. She was institutionalized at Radley while Jessica DiLaurentis adopted her child, Charlotte.

That’s right; so instead of being Alison and Jason’s sister, CeCe’s actually their cousin. Which makes the fact that she knowingly dated Jason only slightly less creepy and incestuous.

Given that all of this is already pretty complicated, things only got more confusing when it was revealed that Mary’s right-hand man is Elliot, Alison’s husband, who has been playing her for a fool this entire time! Not only is he actually British, but he only married Alison to avenge CeCe.

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Unfortunately for the show, some fans misunderstood and thought that Elliot was Mary Drake’s son and CeCe’s brother rather than her boyfriend/lover/(we don’t know exactly what yet), which would have meant Alison unknowingly married and did the dirty with her cousin.

Um, no wonder these poor Twitter souls freaked out.

I even had a moment where I had to check myself about what was happening. And other media outlets were also confused.

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Of course, the show has yet to confirm Elliot’s exact relationship to the DiLaurentis family. I’m hoping that Season 7 will explore his backstory a lot more, because they need to very quickly clear the air on this one.

They already had such a problem with the CeCe/Jason storyline that this was clearly the show’s attempt to fix that awkwardness, not cause more.

So far, showrunner I. Marlene King and the cast have yet to comment on the incest rumors.

Did you think the finale was confusing about Elliot’s relationship with Alison?

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