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8 reasons HGTV’s Fixer Upper is the best home renovation show

There are so many reasons to watch Fixer Upper on HGTV. Home decor and renovation shows are plentiful, but this one gives a peek into the lives of Chip and Joanna Gaines, including appearances by their children and extended family. The kids are in every episode, and it has been a delight to watch them mature and grow.

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It has been interesting to see the business grow from a small storefront, with Joanna inviting clients to their own renovated farmhouse, to Magnolia Market and a wonderful renovated silo complex with a variety of shops and experiences. It has been a real evolution — and real is the operative word.

HGTV is currently running the third season of Fixer Upper, though episodes of season one and two are often replayed. There are several reasons to binge-watch all the seasons and get to know the fascinating story of this down-to-earth family:

1. They are real people

Chip and Joanna tackle actual problems in their work and family life, and viewers can relate to their obstacles — and their successes.

2. They’re obviously parents, as well as business owners

They juggle work and parenting in fun and creative ways, involving the children in work projects and alternately participating when their jobs require their undivided attention. It is a lesson in creating opportunities for spending quality time with family.

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3. We get a glimpse into Chip and Joanna’s personal life

Their animals and home life are used to teach life lessons, and it is done in a lighthearted spirit full of togetherness.

4. Fixer Upper works with diverse homeowners

The clients Chip and Joanna take on demonstrate the diversity we experience in real life. That diversity is reflected in their race, lifestyle and finances.

5. They incorporate the homeowners’ personal tastes

Joanna is a master at bringing to a re-do the personal items that are meaningful to the family in a tasteful, creative way.

6. Chip is a hoot

He gets himself into some hysterical situations. The most memorable was the time he ran into the back of a van in the Jeep Joanna gave him for his birthday. He’s a bull in a china closet — a lovable bull.

7. They renovate properties others might overlook

The fix-ups they accomplish are stunning and done to low-cost housing that exists in every community, housing some might tend to demolish.

8. Shiplap and cupcakes

There are always cupcakes and shiplap. What more could you want?

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