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#WCW: Minka Kelly reveals the women who’ve affected her life

Every Wednesday, we feature a female celebrity’s top list of women who have inspired or helped her throughout her career. This week, Minka Kelly shares the women on her list who’ve deeply affected her life.

1. Maureen Dumont Kelly, my mom

My mother who taught me how to find the fun in anything you do no matter the circumstance, and how to love any and everything to the point of tears. She encouraged me to do anything I wanted to do with my life, and never operate from a place of fear. That kind of support gave me the confidence to do what I do for a living, and I miss her every day.

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2. My very first acting coach

My first acting coach, who called me on all my bullshit when I was just starting out and forced me to really get to know who I am. Knowing who you are is very important to know what you have to offer the roles you want to play. That may sound silly, but I had no idea who I was for a long time. Looking in the mirror can be very difficult. I used to speak with a baby voice and I had to address that and figure out why, to mitigate it. While that can be really annoying, I have compassion for girls now when I hear it, because there’s a reason for everything. No one actually wants to sound like an idiot. That’s a whole other story!

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3. My entire tribe of women

The tribe of women I’ve surrounded myself with inspire me every day. Each of them are better than me in each of their own different ways, which makes me a better person and keeps me grounded. I think it’s important to surround yourself with people you’re in awe of and make you better, and hope that you do the same in return.

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But what about brands?

When it comes to aligning herself with positive brands, Kelly is speaking out in support of and partnering with Trulia, an online destination for homeowners and buyers.

“As someone currently in the market to purchase a new home, I know how important it is to find the perfect place to call home, which, to me, includes a neighborhood that fits my needs,” Kelly said.

“Trulia has been a great ally for me during this process. Whether you are looking for the best school districts, hot spots to hang with your friends, nearby parks for your furry friend or all of the above, Trulia makes it easy to find the perfect home and neighborhood for you.”

Which women & brands inspire you in your life? Let us know in the comments below.

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