5 RHOBH signs that point to Yolanda and David Foster’s split

It was fairly surprising when Yolanda Foster first announced her split from her husband, David, but upon taking a closer look, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers have realized that there have been many signs of trouble in their marriage. While the majority of last night’s RHOBH episode featured plenty of bickering between the various Housewives, the real drama involved Yolanda and David’s rapidly disintegrating relationship.

1. The pre-episode recap

Before the episode even began, it was evident that Yolanda and David would be taking center stage. The pre-episode recap included Yolanda admitting, “We’re either all going to get through it together, or we’re not.”

Yolanda Foster
Image: Bravo

2. David’s allegedly flirtatious behavior

Many Real Housewives fans have accused David of flirting with other women. Although his attention seemed largely focused on Yolanda during tonight’s episode, this hasn’t always been the case. And while it’s not exactly uncommon for the guys in the Bravo world to flirt with other women, Yolanda may not have been as understanding as, say, Erika Jayne, who expects her husband to flirt and even appreciates it when he does.

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3. The “Frère Jacques” incident

Sarcastic or downright nasty? That was the question when David accompanied Yolanda on the piano for a rendition of “Frère Jacques,” only to then claim that only her friends would applaud such a simple song. This comment just seemed mean and unnecessary.

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4. David’s “off-camera” chat

In a very intriguing moment, David was caught expressing doubt about the future of his marriage. When Tom Girardi asked him how things have been going with Yolanda, David admitted, “It’s been a stretch.” Tom responded, “I want your life to go back to the way it was when you first got together.” Foster seemed very convinced that this would never happen.

Yolanda and David Foster
Image: Bravo

5. David’s behavior was radically different on and off-camera

Nobody is going to act exactly the same in an interview as they do while chatting with friends, but the differences between David’s on and off-camera behavior are certainly worth noting. If nothing else indicates that the marriage was crumbling at the time of filming, his duplicitous behavior certainly should. Although he seemed somewhat doubtful about the marriage while in front of the cameras, he seemed completely hopeless while talking with his friend. Some viewers defended him, claiming he was merely trying to protect his privacy — and that Bravo producers should have done the same. Others were disgusted by the remarks he made about his marriage.

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This seems to be just the beginning of what could be a lot of marital drama on RHOBH. Things are bound to get even more interesting in future episodes.

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