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5 signs Maddie Ziegler has already checked out of Dance Moms

Maddie Ziegler’s eventual ALDC departure has seemed like an inevitability for ages, and yet, many Dance Moms viewers were shocked when she recently announced her intention to move on to bigger and better opportunities. But during tonight’s episode (which was filmed long before she made the official announcement), several signs made it seem obvious that Ziegler was getting ready to say goodbye.

1. She’s so over the drama

Having worked in a constructive environment, Maddie Ziegler was exposed to all kinds of different choreographers and producers, none of whom were probably half as unprofessional and obnoxious as Abby Lee Miller. Why would Ziegler deal with Dance Moms drama if she doesn’t have to?

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2. She and Abby Lee Miller don’t seem nearly as close

Miller and Ziegler used to be best buds, but that certainly hasn’t been the case during the latest season of Dance Moms. In fact, in one episode, Miller actually seemed to be jealous of her once favorite student’s success.

Melissa Gisoni
Image: Lifetime

3. Melissa Gisoni no longer plays ball

At one time, Melissa Gisoni was the biggest teacher’s pet on Dance Moms. Recently, however, she has begun to stick up for her daughters — especially Mackenzie, who, unlike her big sister, has never been Miller’s favorite. Perhaps Gisoni’s newfound animosity toward Miller made it easier for her and her daughters to ditch the show.

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4. She just doesn’t seem invested in the team

Throughout the entirety of the latest season, Ziegler has been as eager to win as ever… but something has just felt different. She no longer truly feels like a member of the ALDC. And, prior to the official announcement regarding her departure, her insistence that she was a lifetime ALDC dancer seemed really disingenuous.

Maddie Ziegler
Image: Lifetime

5. She’s way too busy

Perhaps the biggest reason for Ziegler’s departure is that she can no longer juggle the demands of filming Dance Moms with her numerous other gigs. After all, she’s constantly shooting TV shows and movies. What’s more, she’s now the youngest judge on So You Think You Can Dance. Clearly, she has other, more important projects to occupy her time.

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When it comes to fan reactions to Ziegler’s departure, it’s a mixed bag. Some are happy to see her go and others… not so much. Many are questioning whether Ziegler is leaving both the ALDC and Dance Moms or just the show. The following are a few of the many reactions to the big news.

Dance Moms will definitely not be the same without Ziegler, but she has a very bright future. It will be fun to follow her career and see what she accomplishes as she takes her next big step toward stardom.

Do you think Dance Moms will be any good without Maddie Ziegler? Comment and share your opinion below.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Maddie Ziegler slideshow
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