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The Voice‘s Christina Aguilera sends the wrong singer home

The audition process on The Voice has already come to a close, so now, it’s time for the chosen singers to duke it out with one another. At this point in the competition, viewers still don’t know a whole lot about the members of the coaches’ teams, but even so, many of the show’s superfans have already grown attached to this season’s singers. If it’s already this hard to see deserving musicians sent home, it’s only bound to get worse as the season continues.

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One of this season’s early eliminations was particularly painful, as the unfortunate contestant definitely did not deserve to be sent home so early. Christina Aguilera upset many viewers when, after a spectacular battle featuring Chelsea Gann and Kata Hay, she decided to stick with Hay. Sadly, none of the other coaches were smart enough to pick up Gann for their teams, so she was sent packing.

Kata Hay
Image: NBC

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Although a few viewers are relieved that Hay gets to remain in the competition, most are very, very unhappy about Aguilera’s decision — and the other coaches’ failure to give Gann the opportunity she deserves. These disappointed viewers took to Twitter en masse to share their outrage, with a few even claiming that Gann was set up to fail.

There is no denying that both Gann and Hay have serious vocal chops. Their rendition of “I’m the Only One” was nothing short of spectacular. However, Gann arguably had the better vocals. Yes, Hay always has great stage presence, but Gann had a nice presence as well — and in the very short time she worked with Aguilera, she made great progress in that regard.

Chelsea versus Kata
Image: NBC

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It might be a bit far-fetched to say that Hay’s victory means the show is rigged, but it definitely demonstrates some questionable judgment on Aguilera’s part. After all, had it been another coach’s choice (for example, Pharrell or Blake Shelton), Gann would not have had to depart the competition so soon. In order to win, Aguilera needs to choose the contestant who appeals more to fans, and if tonight’s Twitter response is any indication, the obvious choice was Gann.

Do you think Christina Aguilera made the wrong choice? Should Chelsea Gann have remained on the show? Comment and share your opinion below.

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The Voice winners slideshow
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