One of the Sister Wives relatives reveals fake story line on the show

Mar 15, 2016 at 10:28 p.m. ET
Image: WENN

Viewers today expect a certain amount of sensationalism on some reality TV, but TLC has always branded themselves as the network of Middle America — certainly above lying or cheating among their reality TV stars. First, we had last year's news about Josh Duggar molesting underage girls, including four of his own sisters. Now, news of another cover-up has come out: This time, a fraudulent plotline on Sister Wives.

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Fans of the show will remember that the Browns relocated from Utah to Las Vegas, seemingly to escape prosecution for illegally practicing polygamy. Radar spoke with Krystn Decker, former member of the same sect of polygamy as the Browns and aunt to cast member Christine Brown. According to Decker, the show raised the stakes of the move for unnecessary drama. The Browns simply wanted to move to Las Vegas.

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"They talked about moving to Vegas [to escape Utah’s anti-polygamy laws] long before they did," she tells Radar. "That was their plan and they used the State coming after them for ratings. That's my strong opinion."

Decker questions the Browns' choices, such as suing Utah to legalize polygamy, and whether or not they're the right route for the polygamist cause. "All of us keep wondering why they’re doing things so underhandedly, instead of giving a voice to the people in Utah,” she told Radar.

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