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Why Shadowhunters‘ alternate dimension puts the show on an exciting path

Tuesday’s Shadowhunters took fans to an alternate dimension and it was pretty glorious, if I do say so myself. Viewers got to see most of the characters in a completely different light, like Jace being scared for once and Clary channeling her inner badass to protect him.

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Anyway, let me back up a bit to why Jace and Clary traveled to a parallel universe. If you recall, last Tuesday’s episode ended with Meliorn offering Clary a way to find Valentine. Well, the way to do just that is by entering a portal to another dimension, which would then lead Clary to her father.

However, Meliorn told Clary she’d have to go by herself and without Jace. That said, if Clary could find the portal door once there, then Jace could come through and help her with Valentine. Meliorn also warned Clary to not get caught up in the other world or she could get trapped. The latter almost happened, but thankfully alternate universe Magnus snapped her out of it.

After seeing her mom and dad super in love, watching Izzy (who also had a major crush on Valentine) and Simon being all adorably in love, learning about Alec’s party planning abilities, Jace convincing Meliorn to let him through the portal and Jace almost dying thanks to a demon entering the alternate universe, Clary finally found what she was looking for — the portal’s door leading her right to Valentine.

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Clary and Jace ended up in Chernobyl, where Valentine has been hiding, but they don’t know that just yet. After looking around confused for a bit, they heard a noise and opened a locker door leading to something fans probably weren’t expecting. A man was being kept inside the locker, but who was it? Oh, you know, just Jace’s presumably dead father!

What? I guess Clary isn’t the only one getting surprised when it comes to her father. Jace has been walking around thinking his dad was dead this entire time, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Obviously, this could be a trick by Valentine, a shapeshifter could be impersonating Jace’s dad or maybe his father has actually been alive this whole time.

Whatever the case, these are the twists I like to see and hopefully more are coming. That said, now I have even more questions, like what the heck is going to happen next?

Clearly, going to an alternate dimension was the right thing for Shadowhunters. Not only did it present an interesting (and surprising) story line with Jace’s father, but it put the series on a much-needed exciting path. Admittedly, most of the episodes thus far have been so convoluted to the point where I don’t even care what’s happening, so here’s hoping the remaining Season 1 episodes emulate “This World Inverted.”

Shadowhunters airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Freeform.

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