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Jessa Duggar reveals one mommy duty she’s really not good at (VIDEO)

A new preview for Jill & Jessa: Counting On shows that the series will be straying away from hard-hitting topics surrounding the Duggar family and focusing on lighthearted family fare. In a clip from the series premiere, Jessa Duggar charms her way through failed attempts to cook two turkeys for her family. “I’m probably going to burn the birds or something, and they’ll be like, ‘That was nice,'” she laughs.

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“I never really did a lot of cooking,” she shares. “Jill and Jana were so good at it. It was so easy for them. They would just dump a little of this and that together and it would always taste awesome.” Now that she’s married, Jessa says, she cooks “a couple times a month.”

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There’s no denying the segment is cute, and Duggar is charmingly fitting into her role as the “bumbling young housewife” reality TV personality. But TLC is continuing to do its viewers a disservice in not acknowledging the larger story here. In a recent interview on Good Morning America, Duggar defended the family’s decision to return to TV so quickly after the scandals broke, saying, “If we can encourage even one other person who’s struggling out there, then that needs to be our goal.” What exactly are they encouraging here?

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Watch the full video below.

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