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Kim Richards breaks down during Mother/Daughter Experiment exercise (VIDEO)

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Lifetime’s contribution to the world of televised therapy, The Mother/Daughter Experiment, features six celebrity mother/daughter duos working on their issues in front of, well, everyone with cable access. Among the therapy seekers are RHOBH‘s Kim Richards and her daughter Kimberly Jackson.

So far this season, there’s been the usual reality TV activities on the show: crying, fightingdrinking too much and vomiting. The Mother/Daughter Experiment’s therapy tactics look a lot like what you might see on an episode of Marriage Boot Camp drills aimed at eliciting as much emotion from the participants as possible. In a clip from Tuesday’s new episode of Mother/Daughter, the duos are forced to confront what their deaths would mean to the other when the latest exercise involves simulations of their own funerals (Marriage Boot Camp does a similar exercise, with one half of the couple in a faux hospital bed).

Here’s what happened when Richards and Jackson took part:

For Richards, the activity was a bit too real, and the reality star wanted to leave the show. “It was way too much for me and I just want to go home,” says Richards later.

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Richards and Jackson have been on the quiet end of the drama thus far in terms of their relationship to each other, unlike some other mother/daughter pairs — although on the show’s premiere, Jackson did say she often feels like a spouse in terms of the amount of caretaking she does and the responsibility she feels for her mother. The argument the two have when Richards says she wants to leave the show is the first sign of actual conflict. “Everything has been great,” says Jackson to her mother in the clip, “until you caused a problem.”

In Richards’ off-camera life, though, things have been anything but peaceful and quiet. There’s her addiction, the ensuing legal trouble, financial woes, her family feuds and, most recently, the death of her ex-husband and best friend, Monty Brinson. While Jackson says the drill helped her let her mother know how important she is to her, it’s no surprise that even an imitation of a funeral would send Richards into a spiral after everything she’s been dealing with. The issue of Richards’ addiction and the question of how fragile she is hasn’t yet come up on the show, but perhaps Tuesday’s new episode signals the beginning of a more in-depth discussion about it.

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Do you think Kim Richards will leave The Mother/Daughter Experiment, or will she hang in there to deal with her issues? Tell us in the comments!

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