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Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom’s relationship is reportedly moving very quickly

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s relationship is going very well, and their recent actions prove they are getting pretty serious about each other.

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According to People magazine, last week Bloom and Perry headed to his home country, England, so that she could meet his friends and family.

“They flew [a] private jet with Orlando’s friends from London to another part of England and then drove all over the place for a week,” a source told the publication. And at some point during their travels, Bloom decided it was the perfect time to introduce Perry to his mother, Sonia, the source revealed.

The pair were reportedly joined by Sonia for a “hearty meal at the Stag and Huntsman,” a traditional pub located in a village near Bloom’s home in Buckinghamshire, England, The Mirror reports — and from the looks of it, the first meeting went very well.

“They were laughing and joking, and Katy and Orlando’s mum were getting on like a house on fire,” a customer told Sunday People, The Mirror reports.

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Bloom and Perry have been enjoying each other’s company and have spent the past few weeks traveling together, including trips to Hawaii, London and New York, before returning to Los Angeles, California, on Saturday.

We all know that meeting your significant other’s parents is a pretty big deal, and apparently, Perry and Bloom are getting serious about each other, something another source previously told the publication.

“Orlando and Katy seem very serious,” the source said of the couple in early March, adding, “They have a give-and-take relationship.”

It’s early stages, but could Perry and Bloom have found their happily ever after?

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