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Pretty Little Liars star teases Uber A’s identity reveal

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 finale is tomorrow and it promises to be, like usual, full of big answers that lead to some more big questions.

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But this finale will be different in that the answers we’re getting are happening much more quickly than fans are used to, namely the reveal of Uber A is coming in hot.

We chatted with the show’s new it-girl Kara Royster, who plays Toby’s love interest Yvonne in Season 6, to get the scoop on the finale. She said, namely, that it’s going to be more surprising than anyone expects.

“If you think you know, you don’t,” she teased, which sounds to me like the PLL motto.

Royster added that she thinks Uber A is “someone that we haven’t seen a lot, someone who’s going to kind of pop out and it’s going to be like, ‘Oh, right! I forgot!'”

Could Uber A also be the twin? It’s possible since showrunner I. Marlene King said the twin reveal in the finale will be the “biggest reveal of all,” according to TV Line. Even bigger than the CeCe reveal, apparently.

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“It’s huge, it’s nuts!” Royster said about how she thinks fans will react.

Of course, Royster said the finale will stick with the feel of all Pretty Little Liars‘ season finales.

“I mean, it’s still Pretty Little Liars,” Royster explained about the scale of the answers. “Where there are answers there are more questions.”

As for Royster’s character Yvonne, she said that things with Spencer are going to get a little more heated in the finale as Yvonne begins to questions where Toby’s heart really lies.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if coming up she gets a little more suspicious,” Royster said.

Though she doesn’t think Yvonne is bad or has any secret motives, she did add, “It’s the first time in five years that I [my character] thought that he still might have feelings for Spencer. I think the reason that Yvonne is so nice to Spencer is that she thinks she isn’t even a threat.”

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As for whether Spencer and Toby will reunite? Well, probably not in this episode since Royster said she’s in talks to return in Season 7, which means she’ll still be in the picture.

But it could be the beginning of the end for these two.

Is it bad that the thought of Spencer and Toby reuniting has me feeling kinda sad? Caleb and Spencer are actually really growing on me!

Do you want to see Spoby back together?

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