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The Voice‘s Pharrell astounds with unexpected drum performance (VIDEO)

It’s not exactly a secret that the coaches on The Voice are amazing singers, but most viewers don’t realize that many of them are also great instrumentalists. Pharrell certainly impressed tonight, when he showed off his mad skills on the drums.

Image: NBC

Pharrell’s awesome drumming occurred right at the beginning of tonight’s episode, when all of the coaches joined up for a toe-tapping rendition of Stevie Wonder’s classic hit “I Wish.” Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine’s vocals were great, of course, but Pharrell attracted the bulk of the attention when he was spotted on the drums. He had a huge smile on his face throughout the entire performance and appeared to be having the time of his life. The only person who could potentially look more delighted during a rendition of “I Wish” would be Stevie Wonder himself.

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Viewers always enjoy hearing the coaches’ amazing voices — and their other instrumental abilities — but this has been especially refreshing during Season 10, for, outside of a handful of great performances, viewers have largely been disappointed by this season’s blind audition process. The contestants have a lot of promise, but thus far, most lack that special something that Jordan Smith had right away during Season 9.

The Voice coaches
Image: NBC

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Although they didn’t have much good to say about the remainder of the blind auditions, viewers on social media spoke favorably of Pharrell’s drumming. Several expressed their desire to see more of him on the drums in future episodes, in part because he seems so darn happy as a percussionist.

Casual fans noticed Pharrell on the drums, of course, but he also received praise from a few of the show’s contestants. Team Adam member Owen Danoff was especially impressed, as he made clear with this tweet.

It’s always fun to see the coaches showing off their musical talent on The Voice. Hopefully, we’ll hear plenty more from the talented coaches in episodes to come. And, hopefully, this season’s contestants will learn something from their coaches and bring a little more stage presence to the show.

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Did you notice Pharrell on the drums tonight on The Voice? What did you think? Comment and share your opinion below.

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