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Supergirl: Will The Flash crossover take the show off the air for good?

CBS officially announced in February that universes will collide in the March 28 episode of Supergirl, when Barry Allen — aka The Flash — finds himself in National City. Crossovers on superhero shows are pretty much the norm these days, and it’s been widely speculated that this crossover in particular was planned to help Supergirl ratings.

But after watching tonight’s episode with Kara Zor-El and crew, I can’t help but wonder: Could the Supergirl/The Flash crossover actually do more harm than good to Supergirl‘s cause?

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I’m not so sure that after Barry pays his little visit to National City that more viewers won’t step up and advocate for The Flash to just absorb Supergirl. Supergirl‘s story lines are redundant, at best, and Kara might work better as a secondary character on The Flash as opposed to running the show on Supergirl.

Although it would be a shame to watch primetime’s first female superhero show leave the air, it’s already starting to seem like Supergirl has run its course. Writers might have run out of places to take the show in Season 1, because we’re beginning to see an awful lot of recycled plotlines.

Tonight’s episode, “Falling,” is a prime example. Wasn’t this already the third time this season that Supergirl’s powers have been compromised? Sure, she didn’t lose her strength, like in “Human for a Day” and “For the Girl Who Has Everything,” but she’s definitely not effectively saving anyone after being exposed to Red Kryptonite.

Still from Supergirl
Image: Darren Michaels/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Not to mention that Kara’s behavior in tonight’s episode was taking a page right out of The Flash episode that featured Rainbow Raider.

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As mentioned above, many viewers have already hypothesized that the crossover is a strategy to help strengthen Supergirl‘s ratings.

“LOL. I guess they think this is going to bring in more viewers and boost ratings. Too bad nothing can save the ridiculous mess that is Supergirl,” “I like The Flash, but something about Supergirl did not click,” “They originally said there would NEVER be a crossover, but I guess Supergirl‘s ratings must need a boost so now it’s OK… it’s funny how they’re not too good for the CW shows when they need help,” are just some of the comments Facebook users have made in regard to the crossover.

What if the best option is not an occasional crossover, but to just have Kara join forces with Barry and jump ship to The CW? With the exception of Alex, the secondary characters in Supergirl are meh at best and can totally be taken out of the plot.

Furthermore, viewers have been saying since the beginning of Season 1 that Supergirl seems like a better fit for The CW than CBS, so an absorption does kind of make sense.

Obviously, there are no plans in the works for Supergirl to join The Flash on The CW, and it’s likely Supergirl will be picked up for a second season. I’m sure Supergirl fans will vehemently disagree, but if Kara and Barry do have the right chemistry, there’s no doubt that it would be better for Supergirl’s character development if she joined The Flash’s universe for good.

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