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The Family: Who’s evil and who’s just misunderstood?

Everyone on ABC’s show The Family potentially has immoral motives at this point. From returned son Adam to sex offender Hank, the characters on this show are downright creepy and definitely not trustworthy — which is precisely why the show has me so hooked.

And while I am a long way away from deciding for sure who is a good guy/girl and who is a bad guy/girl, the lines are slowly being drawn now that we’re into Episode 3.

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Here are my theories about the heroes and villains of Season 1.


1. Claire Warren

Call me negative, but politicians don’t really have my trust right now in the wake of our current presidential primaries. (It’s rough out there, people.) And maybe that’s just where the show wants its viewers’ heads to be. If that’s the case, call me duped, because I just don’t trust Warren matriarch Claire. At all.

2. Willa Warren

If I don’t trust Claire, how can I possibly trust Willa, who’s her mom’s right-hand woman? Plus, the flashbacks don’t exactly do Willa any favors. If she was planting evidence as a child, what’s she planting now?

3. Hank

Just because Hank didn’t kill Adam doesn’t mean he isn’t a shady dude. Everything he does totally creeps me out, and the guy has a record, after all. I don’t know what he’s playing at, but there’s no way he’ll spend the rest of the season just playing with puppies that’s for sure.

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1. Adam (or the Adam impostor…)

Call me an optimist, but I think the returned Adam is a good kid. Now, whether he’s the real Adam or not is still definitely a topic for discussion and that key reveal tonight made me skeptical about his intentions. But, if anything, I think he must have had a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome. I’m not at the point where I think he’s out to get the Warren family, whether he’s an actual member or not.

2. John Warren

Sure, John cheated on his wife and did some shady things the night Adam went missing, but the disappearance of his son clearly destroyed him. He’s not the most moral of people, but he tries to do what’s best for himself and his family, even though he seems to rarely be successful.

3. Danny Warren

So far Danny (Zach Gilford) is actually my favorite character and not just because Gilford is adorable to watch and great in this role, but because he is trying so hard to really find out the truth of the situation with Adam. He knows his family is super messed up — and I definitely don’t think that reporting Bridey is his way out — but he’s got some serious hero potential.

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4. Officer Meyer

There are a lot of cases of people trying to do the right thing and failing miserably in this show, but none more so than Meyer. She put away the wrong guy in Adam’s case and made so many wrong moves leading up to when Adam went missing. But she’s trying to right her wrongs now and she might actually stand a chance.

5. Bridey Cruz

Maybe it’s just because I’m a journalist that I relate to Bridey, but I do have a soft spot for her in my heart. She’s definitely skirting the law in order to get information for her story about Adam, but she’s doing the digging that someone needs to do. There is more to this case than anyone knows and a mind like Bridey’s might just be the one to unravel the truth.

Do you agree with my list of villains v. heroes for The Family?

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