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Quantico: [SPOILER]’s death could mean the end of Parrish’s run with the FBI

A key player was killed on Quantico tonight, making us wonder if Agent Parrish going to be able to keep it together long enough to find out who the real terrorist is!

Warning: spoilers ahead!

It looks like the Quantico writers are having fun playing with our emotions, because the agent killed was just starting to make us like her.
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The episode started with Parrish making her way back into the bureau, where of course she’s working under hunky Agent Booth’s ex-wife. The fact that Booth has been totally cold towards Parrish since the second blast seems to have rubbed his ex the wrong way, and she’s determined to keep Parrish on desk duty.

Of course, Parrish doesn’t follow orders because she and Vasquez are too busy breaking into the FBI’s secret files so they can hand over sensitive data to the terrorist in exchange for Vasquez’s life! Why the two didn’t enlist the help of, oh, I don’t know — the FBI? — we’ll never know. But instead of getting help with Vasquez’s bomb vest, the two give the file to the terrorist, employing a worm to track him/her down.

But Vasquez pays the ultimate price when the computer they track down turns out to be a bomb!
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When is Parrish going to learn? Of course the episode’s trainee subplot is all about how to turn someone — find your target’s weak points! And by the end of the episode, Parrish’s weak point is once again threatened. It’s Booth.

Is Parrish going to be able to keep it together, or will she wind up in a straitjacket? It seems that Booth is all too ready to check her into a mental facility at the end of the episode, so once again she’s running towards danger on her own… only this time she’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

She’s also probably going to be suspect number one when the FBI finds out about Vasquez’s death, not to mention the fact that she hacked the FBI as well.

Things are not looking good for Parrish.

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Meanwhile, we still aren’t any closer to finding out who the terrorist is, but we’ve met a new suspect —Will — who is putting red crosses on photos of each of the NATS taped to the bottom of his sock drawer — creepy! And of course, we can’t be positive that Vasquez is dead. It’s always possible she’s in on the plot…
What do you think? Do you know who the terrorist is? Will Parrish figure it out before she loses her mind? Tell us in the comments below.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Quantico teasers slideshow
Image: ABC/Phillippe Bosse

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