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Once Upon a Time‘s Henry may soon become a target in the Underworld

If you thought Once Upon a Times Henry gave up his Author skills once and for all, you’d be wrong. During Sunday’s episode, Cruella de Vil finally showed her face and possibly convinced Henry to walk quite the dangerous path in the Underworld. 

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After coming face to face with Cruella, Henry seems to be considering using his Author role to save both Cruella and Emma. Wait. What? How? Didn’t he break the quill, because that was just too much power to hold? Henry did, but Cruella revealed an interesting detail about the quill.

Per Cruella, the quill is a “living, breathing entity,” meaning it is alive just like a human being. So, just because Henry broke the quill doesn’t mean it is destroyed for good. Apparently, after Henry broke it, the quill was sent to the Underworld, because it too has some unfinished business.

That said, Cruella wants Henry to help her find the quill, so he can then change her story and bring her back to the real world, aka Storybrooke, or wherever she wants to go. As the Author, Henry can change her fate, but that’s not all. Cruella also got inside Henry’s head by saying if he helps her, then he is also helping his mom, Emma. Meaning: by bringing Cruella back to life, that will no longer make Emma a murderer (remember, she killed Cruella) and restore her back to the pure soul she once was.

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Henry Mills
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If Cruella’s words are true remains to be seen, but it looks like Henry is seriously thinking about helping her. I mean, why wouldn’t he want to make Emma “pure” again and take away murder from her resumé?

That said, if he chooses to help Cruella, not only is Henry going down a dangerous road, but he may soon become a target. Imagine if others in the Underworld learn that Henry is the Author. Who’s to say that they won’t target Henry and try to get him to change their fate, too?

Basically, Henry needs to be wary of Cruella and better watch his back by keeping his Author identity a secret, or he will soon face even more trouble in the Underworld.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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