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SNL and Ariana Grande hilariously bail on being feminists (VIDEO)

Ariana Grande and the women of Saturday Night Live just summed up all of our confusion about (un)popular feminism in one song and I love them for it!

If you feel confused about feminism, you’re not alone. When Ariana Grande teamed up with the awesome female SNL cast members this week to write a feminist song that was all-inclusive, they (apparently) quickly realized it was all but impossible.

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So they wrote “Not a Feminist Song” instead. And it totally rocks.

Maybe Ariana and the gang of SNL superstars (including Aidy Bryant, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, and Sasheer Zamata) were inspired by the fact that March is Women’s History Month, or maybe they wanted to lampoon the problem certain celebrities seem to have with the feminist label (we’re looking at you, Shailene Woodley!) 

Whatever their inspiration, the result is two and a half minutes of awesomeness. The song begins with the women wanting to create an anthem for all women, but they quickly realize that doing so would be a massive undertaking, and how can anyone presume to speak for all women anyway? They’d rather go home and take a nap — but they inadvertently create an anthem for all women anyway.

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The fact is, a lot of women feel confused about feminism today. Whether we identify as a feminist or not, there’s a ton of judgement heaped onto the label. And trying to speak/fight for all women can seem overwhelming.

Of course, those who shy away from embracing the title of “feminist” don’t seem to really understand what it means to be one, because being a feminist in 2016 is confusing. It sometimes feels like our mothers and grandmothers did all the fighting for us, even though there are still plenty of battles to be waged.

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So, whether you call yourself a feminist or not, “Not a Feminist Song” toes the line between both worlds. And it totally needs to get on iTunes ASAP so we can download it and listen to it on repeat! Until that happens though, you can watch (and rock out to) the video below.

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