Teen Mom 2 premiere makes Leah Messer's custody loss more understandable

Mar 22, 2016 at 1:20 a.m. ET
Image: MTV

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And we're off. Another season of Teen Mom 2 started on Monday night, and things look both very much the same and very different for the ladies. Chelsea has a pig and a cute boyfriend, but unfortunately she also has among the worst humans on Earth as the father of her daughter. Kailyn and Jo aren't fighting for once, but Javi seems to enjoy behaving as though he were the same age as Lincoln (who remains tiny and adorable). Jenelle is dealing with the aftermath of that time she punched Nathan's new girlfriend, and Leah... oh, Leah. About five minutes into the premiere, Leah's daughter, Aleeah, managed to break viewers' hearts when she wanted to know why her mother couldn't make her and her sister lunch for school. "I don't trust you," she yelled, "You always worry about everything except getting us lunch!" And then she pulled out the big guns, pointing out that Corey and Miranda always make them breakfast. It was a really hard scene to watch, not just because of Aleeah's sad shrieking, but also because Leah looked 100 percent exhausted and defeated, and definitely not like her time in treatment had done her any good at all.


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Later, Leah and Addie had lunch with a friend of Leah's. Addie proceeded to nap on the table, apparently the result of being up so early to take her sisters to school, which is 45 minutes away. Leah explained that Corey was the one who enrolled the girls in a school closer to him and told her friend that he'll basically do anything to be able to blame what goes wrong with the girls on her. It all got worse when Leah, Corey and Ali paid a visit to Ali's doctor, who broke the news that Ali's condition would start to decline in the not-so-distant future.

We know how bad things got for Leah — she lost custody of the girls to Corey after being accused of neglect, and even though custody was restored to her, the season premiere provided some pretty compelling evidence that Leah was not in the best condition to be the primary caregiver to the girls, especially in light of Ali's illness. This being a reality show, it's probably not the best practice to extrapolate anything based on the brief look we get into the lives of the moms, but on the other hand, it seems like this season is poised to be like the others, at least in terms of Leah — the producers don't appear to be interested in making her look like she's doing better than she is. We are getting all the sad realness right from the beginning.

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