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Top Chef: Weighing the pros and cons of the Season 13 finale

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Well, we’ve made it here together. On Thursday night’s Season 13 finale, cheftestant Jeremy Ford was awarded the title of Top Chef. If you’ve been reading these recaps, you know my feelings on this — Marjorie should have at least been in the final two, if not the winner, but alas, it was not to be. I’m very whatever about Jeremy’s win, although the finale wasn’t totally without its merits. Here are some of the episode’s pros and cons, according to me.


1. No one picked Phillip as their sous chef!

Let it never be said these cheftestants didn’t learn anything this season. Angelina, Marjorie, Carl and Kwame helped out Amar and Jeremy in the finale. It was blissfully lacking in narcissism, drama and dishes involving rocks.

2. Amar made risotto that wasn’t horrible!

Risotto is usually the kiss of death for cheftestants, but Amar executed it well, even though fans were certain it would lead to his demise. He didn’t win, but hey! Not crappy risotto!

3. Tom cooked!

A whole meal! For Jeremy and Amar! While wearing glasses! Have we ever seen this in the history of the show? Usually Tom lurks around in the kitchen Tim Gunn style, but I can’t remember him ever actually cooking, and on the finale, he made three courses that looked delicious.

4. At least there was some diversity in the finale

Although the final two cheftestants were dudes, it is important that it wasn’t two white dudes. Amar talked about his Latino identity throughout the season, as well as issues of class that he dealt with throughout his life, and represented his culture in his food.

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1. Jeremy won

Look, I don’t hate Jeremy. He’s fine. (Twitter thinks he’s super fine — he’s been deemed a DILF over there.) But I do think it’s weird that he didn’t get kicked off after his disastrous performance in Restaurant Wars. I’m also not that into his molecular gastronomy stuff — Amar said it best when he stated that he’d rather his food be referred to as “delicious” as opposed to “interesting.” In conclusion: Meh.

2. Amar’s arrogance

Apparently Amar and his former mentor, Charlie Palmer, had some kind of falling out a while ago, which means that obviously Charlie Palmer was going to show up in the finale and work closely with Amar. Charlie has some feelings about Amar, mainly that he’s kind of a jerk: “There’s a difference between being confident in what you do and being a complete asshole.” Yikes. Did we think Amar was a jerk this season? Did he just hide it well or was it edited out?

3. Duck

Or, more accurately, proteins. Both Amar and Jeremy messed up to some degree with their meats — Amar with the slightly undercooked lamb and Jeremy with his slightly undercooked duck. In the end, it was the fact that Amar had some inconsistency in terms of details that made Jeremy the winner. At least no one got food poisoning? Maybe next season.

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Are you glad Jeremy is the new Top Chef? Were you rooting for Amar? Tell us in the comments!

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